Help Note 10.1 not recognizing external HD of 1 TB

Note 10.1 not recognizing external HD of 1 TB. An error message appears "High powered deice connected" and does not allow to use the HD. Is there a way to use my 1 TB HD or not. It is NTFS.


Android Expert
There are a few issues:

1) unless you are rooted, you cannot use NTFS. The Note 10.1 will not recognize it. It will only recognize FAT32 and exFAT formats on original non-rooted stock ROM
2) external power is required to power the external HDD (Note 10.1 has insufficient power to power it).

Work around:

1) your external HDD enclosure (I am assuming that is what you have) may have included a special USB y-cable. One is to plug to the device and the other to plug to a power source. If you have an external battery pack, you can use that to power the external HDD and also connect to the Note 10.1
2) powered USB hub, dependent on maker, some can provide enough power for the external drive and device to be connected

I have a 2.5" HDD enclosure fitted with a 1TB drive (was using a 500GB drive previous to that). I tested using an external battery pack as well as a powered USB hub. Both work fine and have no issues. I did have to reformat the HDD to exFAT to get it to work and be recognized by all systems I use.

The external battery trick does not work on smaller devices though. I tried that with my Note 2 and it still came back high powered device. So had to resort to the powered USB hub for that.