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Official HTC Hero 2.1 Update now (5/19) on Sprint.com

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zerokiwi, May 19, 2010.

  1. dancehard

    dancehard Lurker

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  2. gowcaizer1978

    gowcaizer1978 Well-Known Member

    the one problem i did find with the leak was some apps you paid for would not show up. and there where other apps that it would not let u download, other then that its the same that i can see so far.
  3. Hemlox

    Hemlox Member

    My Bluetooth is working for both incoming and outgoing calls.
  4. Xandria

    Xandria Well-Known Member

    Same here!!
  5. Xandria

    Xandria Well-Known Member

    BT has always worked very well for me on the Hero. It makes me nervous to think that the upgrade will screw that up. I rely heavily on the BT. :(
  6. Xandria

    Xandria Well-Known Member

  7. jjw14

    jjw14 Newbie

    Wighty's righty. Don't waste your time downloading the htc sync update. I installed the original version of htc sync (the install files are on your phone, just copy them to your PC via USB and install). Worked like a charm for me. Already using Google Goggles ;)
  8. idle19

    idle19 Newbie

    if you are on windows 7 you needed this HTC update. i guess it depends on the flavor of windows OS you are using.
  9. jjw14

    jjw14 Newbie

    You're probably right - I'm using Vista (blech!).
  10. ScorpDX

    ScorpDX Android Expert

    The BT issue (imo) seems to be a "auto-route calls to" setting issue that seems to be missing from the Hero. Most phones have a setting to do or not do that. I've noticed that answering a call will not route it to the headset, but I can hear the person talking on the handset. A second press of the answer button on the BT will then route the call to the headset. I've also found that you need to wait a second or two because sometimes it does route it to the headset and then you've just hung up on the caller! It's frustrating to say the least!

    I've also noticed that it seems to mess up much more when on the charger than when not. I haven't paid a huge amount of attention to this until the couple calls I got today. First 2 screwed up and the charger was plugged in. Next few the charger was unplugged and they all came through fine

    Just my .02!
  11. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Sprint owns Ntelos now, I've not been able to find an answer anywhere if the 2.1 update is ok to put on an Ntelos Hero.
  12. shazam7469

    shazam7469 Lurker

    I've actually found that with the leaked RUU I was having a ton of bluetooth issues. With the official version those issues seemed to have cleared up. My BMW's iDrive finally syncs up my contacts an whatnot where as the leak only let me make calls using BT. I cant confirm anthing in the way of file transfers though.
  13. astrobill

    astrobill Well-Known Member

    Actually, some of us are having a TON of Bluetooth issues with the official 2.1 release. I can't get the Hero to maintain a connection for more than a second with my car kit (it worked okay before). And 9 times out of 10, I cna't get it to connect at all now...the car kit reports "Name Not Found" and/or "Invalid Device". My LG Rumor works fine with the same car kit....no issues. The Rumor also works with the Hero....I practiced sending contacts back and forth. However, something about the Bluetooth Headset Profile (HSP) on the new Hero update is messed up!
  14. DrWeaseL

    DrWeaseL Newbie

    SWEET!!!!!!! Bout time Sprint! as always sucking hind tit....:eek:
  15. akkidy

    akkidy Member

    Thanks for checking. The paid version showed up that afternoon after the official release.
  16. bobeink

    bobeink Newbie

    Upgraded without a hitch! I'm in love with my Hero all over again!!!
  17. Xandria

    Xandria Well-Known Member

    I run Win7. I downloaded HTCsync. It didn't work. I downloaded it again. Still not working.

    This is what I get when I try to sync:

    Error: Path 'c:\program files (x86)\htc\htc driver\driver files\vista_x64' not found

    I keep telling myself, "This upgrade thing can't be THAT difficult to do!" But I cannot get it up and running.
  18. lsutiger

    lsutiger Newbie

    This phone being based on a Linux kernel, I would think there would be an interface to a Linux desktop....Is there a solution to upgrade through a linux OS? Or through the phone itself?
  19. geneva54

    geneva54 Member

    I used this with my Win 7 64-bit and had no problems. Had the update to 2.1 within 20 minutes. No issues.
  20. Chief7

    Chief7 Well-Known Member

    I downloaded the sync last night and did the upgrade this morning early. I have added both of my Bluetooth devices (H720 & Plantronics 845 stereo) and both synced immediately. No problems here.
  21. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

    What version did you try?
  22. geneva54

    geneva54 Member

    Use 2.0.033 version
  23. drew879

    drew879 Newbie

    Anyone feel like posting a comprehensive video of himself/herself playing around with an "official" 2.1 Hero--showing off pinch to zoom in Google Maps, Google Navigation, the browser, the fancy weather animations on the clock widget, general lagginess switching screens or opening programs? I'm having trouble finding a good one on YouTube. It would be helpful for me and anyone in the same boat as me--rooted with a non-2.1 version of Fresh and considering unrooting to go to the official 2.1.

    Unlike a lot of people in this forum, the main reason I rooted and flashed a custom ROM was for phone performance and I liked the slick animations in Fresh. Wireless tether is nice, but other than that I don't really utilize the freedom of my rooted phone and I would switch to 2.1 as long as I was sure it was FAST. Right now my thinking is that I'll wait for a stable 2.1 custom ROM with all the bloatware removed and have the best of both worlds...
  24. dsavage

    dsavage Member

    Wait. The versions are functionally identical, even if there is some debate whether they are bit for bit identical. You're not missing anything by sticking with the leaked version.

    New ROMs will be coming, although if you check xda now, you'd think we're going to get a version of 2.2 before we get customized 2.1.

    You've got the best of both worlds now, no point giving it up and then having to go without until they get a rootable version.

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