Opinions on new Google play


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Anyone else think the change was pointless and it just looks generic? Miss the market :(


Between the name change, icon change/loss, the google play switch has to be best news that the Amazon appstore has gotten in months.

I hadn't used Amazon in a while, but it was on my homescreen, while android market wasn't. They didn't have what I wanted but still, I went there.

Changing the name and icon so radically was a terrible idea -- call it google market at least.

Now I've got three Google Play apps (books, music, and store). The store icon is terrible and buried deep in my apps list.

Without a google search I don't think most people will easily find/use it.


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That's fine, its just that it was a pointless change and seems like the start of a ugly pointless total rebranding of Google's android products to something that directly shows its their product. Which is beyond stupid.
I miss the "Just In" list, and not just because I wanted to get downloads from there. Yeah, it was generally full of bad apps, but I always checked it on the off chance I might run across something cool. The current lists mostly just the same. Don't get me wrong I loves me some Angry Birds, but why is it in the Top New apps?

Also, "Google Play" is still and likely will remain named the Android Market for most of the people I know. "Google Android Market" would have been okay, but no one knows what Google Play is.

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Google Play is confusing to many people. If users are searching for anything else than games they won't touch Google Play.

Google Market would have been a much more understandable name = they sell stuff there.


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Well either way, I froze market updater, installed the 2.0 market. And now I have the classic android market that never tries to update to the newest version. Keeping android the way it was meant to be.