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Overclocking means can't play videos I've recorded?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fizgig, May 24, 2010.

  1. fizgig

    fizgig Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm using bugless beast 1.0 with the 1GHz kernel and I notice that I can't play any of the videos I recorded in the past before overclocking. I see the first frame or two and hear the audio but that's it.

    I can play youtube videos just fine.

    Anyone know how to fix this besides going back to 550MHz?

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  2. gwlaw99

    gwlaw99 Android Expert

    Get SetCPU in the market and switch back to 550 and test it.
  3. fizgig

    fizgig Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Used setcpu to get it to 550MHz and it does indeed work. I have to do this every time I want to watch videos off the sd card?
  4. jyarbrough20

    jyarbrough20 Well-Known Member

    I to am running set CPU oc'd to 1.1 ghz, bugless beast.....I haven't had a problen running videos that were already there.... I'm not quite sure why you would have to underclock though..... what are you set to run? I'm at 1100 MHz Max and 250 min.....maybe when they play it goes to 550? I dunno......
  5. redheadch

    redheadch Lurker

    I had that happen to me before I rooted my droid and installed a custom rom...but I haven't tried it since then. I run bb1.0 1.1ghz. I will have to see what happens!
  6. PhilosoRaptor

    PhilosoRaptor Android Enthusiast

    I would try to change the kernel to another similar one by a diff dev or something. I have no idea why iit would do that in the first place, I've never experienced it myself with Chevys and Bekits 1.1 GHz kernels. So I'm just throwing that idea out there.. heh.
  7. Arcolog2

    Arcolog2 Newbie


    I have the BB v1.0 with the 1GHz Kernel Pete recommends and Smoked Glass Theme.

    I have not had this issue playing already recorded videos. I just reconfirmed that it all works.

    You installed on full wipes right? Not sure if that would cause an issue.

  8. sohc sti

    sohc sti Well-Known Member

    Unless the kernels now support it, it's always been known that the highest you can overclock to watch video's is 800mhz. But apart from that I know no other details and even that sounds like it's outdated information at this point.
  9. altimax98

    altimax98 Android Enthusiast

    ive been OC'd since the beginning and ive never had any issue with videos of any sort
  10. monsterenergy22

    monsterenergy22 Android Enthusiast

    im having that same problem and im OC'd to 800 mhZ

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