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phone running slow...everything has loading time.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Alberto_jr, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Alberto_jr

    Alberto_jr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ive had my evo since day one. Absolutely love it. It's just that within the last month it's been taking awhile to open anything. If I click on mail it seems as though it stalls for awhile, then "loading" screen then it opens. Same thing with the messenger to check my text. Again with the loading screen which stays open longer than it use to. Ive tried to reboot here and there but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I just miss the way my phone use to run and open everything up so quickly. Im not complaining, if this is normal than o.k... I can wait a few more seconds.
    Is it that I have too many apps. Ive used up most of my space on my sd card, is that it? I have my phone stock. Is it time to root and will this solve my problem?

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  2. Wadester

    Wadester Well-Known Member

    Logically, any apps you loaded after this started could be the culprit. I recommend SystemPanel. That will show you what's running and how much CPU time each app is using.

    If you can't find the apps that's causing the problem, you might want to Factory Reset (after backing up your data) and re-installing the apps one by one.
  3. Alberto_jr

    Alberto_jr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So there was some programs like QIK running....haven't opened that one in months.
    But theres a bunch more that I don't know they do and Im sure some are important. Here is the list.

    1. Under the tab "Calender" is OBEXSERVICE.
    2. "Google Services Framework" is GOOGLE MESSAGING SERVICE. (Obvious one here but it gives me a warning and I use messenging often so maybe I should leave this alone?)
    3. "Voicemail" is CM_SERVICE...Im guessing this is o.k to leave alone?
    4. "HtcDmService" is AGENTSERVICE . No idea what this is.
    5. ".com.smithmicro.dm" is DMSERVICEAP....No idea what this is.
    6. "Touch Input" is TOUCH INPUT... ????

    So which ones can I close?
  4. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    I wouldn't close any of those.
  5. Wadester

    Wadester Well-Known Member

    Closing apps isn't going to help. The Android OS is designed to have a number of apps running at a time and it's normal to see ones you might not even be actively using.

    You need to find out which one(s) is behaving badly. A slow computer is usually contributed to an over utilized CPU or insufficient memory, excessive paging, etc.

    Did you download and check out SystemPanel?
  6. Alberto_jr

    Alberto_jr Newbie
    Thread Starter

    O.k... just did. There's a ton of stuff open.

    it's says "CPU" 10% memory 106m Av. and storage 16% ave.
    CPU CLOCK at 730 mhz.

    Should I "END ALL"????

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