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Photon BUG: GPS Error

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tbhausen, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. tbhausen

    tbhausen Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I noticed while working with GPS Status application that position error is always reported as 0 (ft or m). I inquired with the develper, who asserts that this is certainly a bug with Motorola's firmware. This got me to thinking... I've never seen the "accuracy circle" in Google maps respond like most other phones I've had (starts very large with network fix only then jumps to much smaller upon GPS fix, then gradually shrinks as acuracy improves).

    Anyone else notice this? Where's a good place to report this so it gets some attention and gets fixed?

  2. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Android Enthusiast

    I've never noticed this before, but it looks like you might be right. I have another GPS app I used to use sometimes on my Evo (GPS Status & Toolbox), I'll install it and see what it thinks.
  3. tbhausen

    tbhausen Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

  4. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Android Enthusiast

    Walked around for a bit this morning outside, checking both GPS Status & Toolbox, and my usual GPS program GPS Test. Neither reported the margin of error. In GPS Test, you normally have the option to adjust sensitivity of the error reporting, but it was greyed out and listed as not available. This tells me that it's a setting in Moto's software that is not allowing the GPS chip to report the margin of error. I wouldn't call it a bug per se, more a toggle that's currently off. This would also explain the lack of the accuracy circle in Google Maps (which I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out).

    Despite this, I have noticed that the GPS is very good on this phone. It locks in fast and looks to be accurate to a couple meters, I'd say within 10 feet with a clear signal to 9-10 satellites. Google Maps was able to effectively track me as I walked around my neighborhood, and would correctly place me at the corner of lots and on property lines (including my own backyard). That's good enough for what I use phone-based GPS; when I need better (such as for work), I use a dedicated unit.

    Edit: just read your thread on the Moto forums. I'm going to post about the GPS Test app and let them know that error reporting is listed as "unavailable" in that app's setting.
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  5. busted bones

    busted bones Android Enthusiast

    I use telenav alot and right until about a week ago never had an issue now it's almost useless. It seems like an error on the apps end though since google maps has no issue finding me.
  6. sslbaron

    sslbaron Lurker

    There seems to definitely be an issue with the GPS finding satellites. I use the Google Nav app quite often, and it seems when you start the app, it will hang on geting a GPS signal. If you close the app out then reopen it, most of the time it will get the signal and work. Yesterday it took 3 tries before it decided to work. It can get quite annoying. I hope Motorola addresses this soon. I installed the newest update on Friday and it did not fix any GPS issues in regards to this. I have had issues with other apps which require GPS info so it seems to be on the GPS side of the house. Is there software which powers the GPS radio? If there is, it seems to be a software glitch in something which controls it.... Also, has this issue been brought up to Motorola to solve?
  7. tbhausen

    tbhausen Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The issue I brought up is that the numerical value for GPS position error always reads zero (this seems to be a problem with the Atrix, as well). Yes, we've reported it through the Motorola support forums as indicated in the link I posted.
  8. sslbaron

    sslbaron Lurker

    Oops, sorry about that. That's what I get for not fully reading the post. lol :rolleyes:
  9. tbhausen

    tbhausen Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This bug has been FIXED in the new 198 build that is leaked over at XDA developers. Thanks, Motorola!

    Something else exciting has been added, see new thread :D
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