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Pre to Moment help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kimberlemae, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. kimberlemae

    kimberlemae Lurker
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    So, I've had the Pre since it came out. I loved what the phone could do, however I had nothing but trouble with it, and after 5 replacements (1 was my fault, it slipped off my lap into a full cup of coffee) I was given the choice of another Pre or the Samsung Moment so I took the Moment.

    I had them transfer contacts in the store, had a google account on the Pre all synced and whatnot, but in the transfer it seems none of the actual Palm contacts transfered over, which apparently I had set at the primary profile.

    When I left the store and I made a call, I manually dialed it and it said the name I had the number identified with in the Pre, however now, I have none of that, and all those contacts are gone completely. All I have is what came over from google/gmail and none of those had any phone numbers attached to them.....

    The Sprint store kept the Pre since and we erased all the data on it while I was there.

    so am I screwed?



  2. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie

    First things first, are the contacts in your google account? Check via a pc or phone browser. Also go to menu > Settings > Accounts and sync, click on your account and make sure contacts is checked.
  3. kimberlemae

    kimberlemae Lurker
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    I've done that, and no, the missing ones are not there. As I am sure you know, the Pre set up diff profiles, with one being set at the "primary" which I must have had as the Palm profile, not the google profile I also had set up on it. So all the contacts I used, per se, where the Palm Profile (Pre) contacts not the google contacts. To add to the issue, I had imported all my Facebook contacts and then used the options to combine the contacts that were duplicated in other profiles to make just one contact with all the information - some of it being from FB, google and palm, but it made it a Palm profile contact since I set it up as the primary profile. I guess somehow, in doing all that, everything but what was just in google is gone, because I was up til daylight trying to solve it and can't.
  4. kimberlemae

    kimberlemae Lurker
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    What makes me wonder about where there are, is that the first call I made was to my mom and her contact was called "MY Mom - ICE" I manually dialed it because I wasn't sure about how to use the contacts dial a call, and it said "calling My Mom - ICE" we talked, then I called my daughter manually and her contact info came up as well just as it used to picture and all (which was from the FB import from the Pre) but then after I got home and was looking at the phone, the call list said just the numbers dialed, and not what they used to be called. I would imagine in some syncing after thy were originally transfered, all the combining from the Pre just confused the Moment and they are gone?

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