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  1. Twitch_City

    Twitch_City Newbie
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    This phone has been released... why is the forum archived? It is available from Fido...

    Does anyone know if it is rootable?


  2. Phases


    If it's been released for 60 days, with no posts made in here, it would archive. When did it release?
  3. jonobot

    jonobot Lurker

  4. Twitch_City

    Twitch_City Newbie
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    It has been available in Canada for a while now (don't know the exact date).

    (edit: showing availability, FutureShop link)

    Does anyone know if it is rootable?
  5. Preveen

    Preveen Lurker

    I picked one up off amazon some time ago. Works pretty well, bit of lag now and then as the software collection has grown.
  6. nanobis

    nanobis Newbie

    It launched on the 8th of October in the UK
  7. rcummings100

    rcummings100 Lurker

    It was released in Canada in early August. It's been in China since July. And it was released in the UK a few weeks ago.

    And yes, it's been rooted. I started a thread about it over on XDA actually. There are now 3 confirmed rooting methods.

    Cyanogen(Mod)7 was released for it by Team FreeXperia last Monday actually :)

    So it's got quite a following already.

    Unfortunately XDA still hasn't given it it's own forum yet, so finding these threads are a bit tough. They're all in the Xperia Arc sections.

    Are we allowed to post XDA links here? I've never really used this site before so I'm not sure what the etiquette is. If so, I'll link you to some of the threads over there.

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