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Replacing Twmms.apk with stock android mms.apk

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by emeryfan1988, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. emeryfan1988

    emeryfan1988 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ok so i was playing around with trying to get the stoick mms to install over the twmms.apk and i finally got it working.

    First of all, if you don't have astro file manager, go download from the market cause you will need it.

    next go to this link and download the Modified Mms.apk and put it on your sdcard.

    Modified Mms.apk-Turn-off debug mode, stop application from lagging [Updated: 08/21] - xda-developers

    Now travel to the saved mms.apk on your sdcard and click in it to install and click upgrade.

    that's it. Now you should have the stock mms.apk.

    Hope it helps.

    P.S. I'm not responsible if YOU break your phone. Its YOUR phone, not mine. Have fun

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  2. deeoh1084

    deeoh1084 Android Enthusiast

    thanks for this i'm going to try them right now!!!
  3. deeoh1084

    deeoh1084 Android Enthusiast

    i'm having trouble upgrading this software it says "messaging could not be installed on this phone" unfortunately.... can you please help me with this?
  4. jazzedmurf

    jazzedmurf Member


    Did you get this to work on a Behold 2? I'm getting the same message as deeoh1084, and then it's being followed by an FC. I'd love to get rid of the TouchWiz Messaging app--it drives me nuts--so if you can think of anything it'd be much appreciated.

  5. deeoh1084

    deeoh1084 Android Enthusiast

    RIGHT NOW i'm using chomp as my messaging but i would love to have the original android back and i hate that dial pad too can you get rid of them?
  6. bigch0ps

    bigch0ps Newbie

    This wont install. I renamed the file mms.apk and removed all the numbers. Is that right?
  7. bigch0ps

    bigch0ps Newbie

    I tried both ways. it says cannot be installed on this phone.
  8. Hupperware

    Hupperware Newbie

    I also didn't get this to work with the above instructions. I have a rooted phone if that matters...
  9. emeryfan1988

    emeryfan1988 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    sorry guys, i think you need to uninstall Twmms.apk b4 trying to install mms.apk. I could of swore thats how i did it. But anyways sammydroid has posted the adb directions on alldroid, so check those out too.

    but there is a problem with after you install, the mms application doesnt save the numbers in the thread. therefore not allowing you to reply without writing a new message. It has something to do with the edits that samsung made to the default applications, the way if fixed was used chomp messaging app.
  10. psychoace

    psychoace Well-Known Member

    So does this allow you to turn off notifications then so you can use Chompsms or Handcent's notification system without incurring duplicates?
  11. deeoh1084

    deeoh1084 Android Enthusiast

    i just uninstalled it and installed the original one but for some reason i'm unable to send picture messaging and it slowed my phone a lot... i don't know why... can somebody help me??
  12. deeoh1084

    deeoh1084 Android Enthusiast

    according to sammydroid you have to uninstall them first i tried to install it over that samsung one but it didn't work
  13. okysnous

    okysnous Lurker

    if people are still looking to do this (and remove the annoying double notification, if youre runninng handcent or chompsms on behold II), this is how i did it

    First you have to gain root access (look that up)
    then, get "root explorer" from the market
    then, using root explorer go to your system/app and copy your stock TwMms.apk, go back and paste it at a safe location on your sdcard (as a backup)
    Then, get the app posted here from emeryfan1988
    then, rename it to TwMms.apk and put it on your sdcard (of course NOT in the same location you pasted the original behold 2 twmms.apk)
    Then, use root explorer to go to where you pasted the renamed app, long click on it and hit copy
    then, go to system/app and hit paste.. (of course choose to replace the existing app)
    This gives you access to all the old setting under messaging, where you can disable the phone sms notification and use just the one from handcent!!

    and behold.. the behold 2 can run handcent with no double notifications
    if someone needs more detailed instructions, then post and I'll do the work (with link to all processes)
  14. euph_22

    euph_22 Android Expert

    Or you can just disable the handcent/chomp notifiction and set the touchwiz mms notifaction to open in handcent/chomp.

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