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Tips [Review][+Pics]Seidio Surface Case (w/ Holster)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Kelmar, Feb 12, 2013.

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    Nov 28, 2009
    Seidio SURFACE with Metal Kickstand

    Pictures are worth a thousand words but there are also times when pictures just can't explain what you are trying to say... so, here's to both!


    The Surface case for the Nexus 4 is another prime example of why many people, including myself, love Seidio's cases and holsters.

    The Surface Case: Seidio uses a plastic that features a "soft touch" for the case. It's relatively heavy duty case and provides much needed protection for anyone who uses their phone and are unable to "baby it" 24/7. The case slips together seamlessly to provide that added protection. The inside/back portion of the case is felt lined as well to prevent damage or broken glass.


    The case is available in Black, White, Garnet Red, Amethyst and Royal Blue.

    The cutouts for the ports, buttons, sensors, microphones, etc are all cut perfectly and the case does not interfere with their operation. You cannot access the SIM card tray with the case in place (to my knowledge this is pretty much the same with every case on the market). The camera and flash all function properly and are not impeded. Also, it provides much appreciated lip to the front of the phone that keeps the screen safe when placing the phone face down on a table/desk.


    The case allows the phone to feel much more comfortable (both physically and mentally) when using using a shoulder to hold the phone. The best part is that I don't feel like I have to baby the phone or worry about bumping into a table while the phone is in my pocket.

    The kickstand... well, I honestly feel like kickstands are a bit gimmicky. That being said I appreciate that this one is metal (not a cheap plastic). It's also spring loaded and held in place by a small magnet. It only works in landscape and does not work in portrait. Ironically, I find myself using the kickstand more times than not!


    The case functions fine with SGP screen protector but does not appear like it would play nicely with screen protectors that wrap around the side of the screen. Seidio also sells screen protectors that I'm sure would work fine with their case. I've put the case on/off 25+ times since receiving it and it is holding up fine and has not scratched the chrome trim on my N4

    It's worth noting that I do NOT have access to a wireless charger and cannot confirm nor deny if wireless charging functions with this case.

    The Holster: I chose to get the option with the holster. The holster is, by far, one of my favorite items from Seidio. When the Surface Case is on the phone, it can be used in combination with the holster to store the phone quickly and easily and SECURELY on your belt. The phone and case snap face-in to the holster to help keep the screen clear from danger. The actual belt clip is heavy duty and swivels and "snaps" into 7 different possible positions so you can keep the holster vertical or horizontal (at either direction). There is also a felt lining on the inside of the holster to help keep your screen scratch free (though while being carried in the holster, the screen doesn't touch anything).


    The charging port, volume keys, headphone jack, power key... pretty much everything but the screen... is accessible while the phone is in the holster.

    More photos can be found HERE!

    Want one? Go get it HERE for $34.95. Want a holster too? Get it HERE for $54.95.

    Feel free to let me know if more photos are wanted/needed or if there are any questions. I'll also be working on getting a review up for their Active Case soon for anyone who may be interested. :)


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