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S6 Edge will not auto rotate

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cc92, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. colossus 78

    colossus 78 Lurker

    Got the edge on release day and everything was fine. Updated everthing, still fine. A few days later screen doesn't rotate. Reset phone yada yada. After researching and it being a somewhat common issue I returned it to sprint with no problems. I updated to the 64 gb over the 32 and everthing seemed good for 5 days. But then.......sure enough same stupid issue. Fast charge, bad chips, gremlins....I don't really care. Samsung needs to take responsibility and at least send out apologies and tell us they are working on a fix. Reminds me of x box red ring issue yet much quicker breakdown and no response to problem. I will return and get a 3rd unit and cross my fingers. Seems this one should've been caught during the testing phase.

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  2. TJA77

    TJA77 Newbie

    So just for clarification with this problem, whats the easiest way to test this rotation problem? My dropbox images rotate just fine, but my Gallery App images wont rotate at all unless you are in "edit" which is such a silly idea if this is the norm ( first time android user here ) sorry guys
  3. Replaced my 2nd edge and went with the regular s6 fingers crossed hopefully i dont have any problems with this one.
  4. Update #2 - Exchanged my second edge and went with the regular s6 so far no problems
  5. cirusflex

    cirusflex Lurker

    My S6 edge is doing the same thing, rotation is effd after only 5 days. If they don't get a fix, or have new models of edges out soon, im switching back to apple.
  6. gdmatson

    gdmatson Lurker

    I have had my edge since 4/13. No rotation issues. I could care less about the fast charger. It hasn't been taken out of it's wrapper. Not about to toast my phone over it. Happy to use the same old charger, I've been using for years until Samsung figures this out. For the record, it's a black Verizon 32gb. Hope they solve this issue.
  7. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    So sounds like a manufacturing and/or location issue? As not everyone i've read about has the same rotation issues. Friend has one, fast charges it everyday, no issues.... yet.

    If it is a hardware design issue i'm not sure how they could fix it efficiently.
  8. Ronny Selnes

    Ronny Selnes Lurker

    Cant be hardware for mine at least, when it works everywhere except gallery. So definitly software, and hopefully Samsungs knows about it already and working on a fix for it.
  9. IDOG

    IDOG Newbie

    Possible solution: Clearing your app preferences via Application Manager.

    Fyi, I picked up an S6 (not Edge) yesterday and today noticed that when viewing pics from the Gallery app, the pics would not rotate as expected. Oddly, when viewing the pics via the Camera app they would rotate. So, I contacted Samsung support this afternoon via chat and was able to "fix" the issue... for now. Tech support had me reset app preferences via the Application Manager. Once I selected "Reset app preferences" the issue was resolved. However, tech support could not identify the root cause besides suggesting that it "might be an issues with some caches" possibly caused by third party apps. Here's the relevant (and amusing) part of my exchange (emphasis added):

    Me: How do I avoid this problem, though?
    Me: It's natural to change settings and prefs.
    Me: None of them relate in any obvious ways to auto-rotate.
    Tech: I should also inform you that it will not occur repeatedly.
    Me: I asked how do I avoid this problem?
    Me: I don't understand how any of my changes are responsible for this glitch.
    Me: You said it won'
    Me: won't happen repeatedly.
    Me: How do you know this to be the case? What's the root problem?
    Tech: I should inform you it will not happen repeatedly.
    Tech: When you try to install the Third party applications which has cache in it might cause the issue.
    Me: Don't all apps use cache?
    Tech: All the Apps uses the Cache.
    Me: So, how do you know this won't happen frequently?
    Me: It happened already since I got the phone yesterday.
    Tech: There is no option to avoid it <ME>.
    Tech: If there are any such options I would have provided you.
    Me: Is Samsung working to correct this problem?
    Tech: It is not a glitch.
    Tech: Yes <ME>.
    Me: It's not a glitch?
    Me: But Samsung is working to fix it?
    Tech: Yes.
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  10. ctmatt

    ctmatt Lurker

    I have an S6 Edge with the rotation issue. I noticed when looking through the camera viewfinder, however, that the on-screen icons will rotate without any problem as I rotate the phone. This is the only instance where the rotation seems to work correctly. Is there some other sensor that could be used for rotating these icons?
  11. rjmlakota

    rjmlakota Lurker

    I will be a week tomorrow since I purchased my S6 Edge and this issue just started happening today.

    I've with Verizon.

  12. cirusflex

    cirusflex Lurker

    Bump!, I don't think it is a location or carrier problem as I live in New Zealand, and Use 2degrees. Def either a software or hardware problem. most likely hardware.
  13. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    Well its both. Some people have the cache software issue, some have the hardware issue.
  14. IDOG

    IDOG Newbie

    Update: I may have found the culprit in my case. Immediately after I reset App Preferences (from ALL apps) as directed by Samsung tech support (see earlier post), the problem went away. Unfortunately, it returned. But I observed something interesting. For a period of time, the rotation issue was present when I was using the Nova Launcher but not while using TouchWiz. So I uninstalled Nova Launcher and re-installed it without borrowing any of the settings from my prior install of the launcher. And now the issue has not returned since yesterday. FWIW...

  15. rjmlakota

    rjmlakota Lurker

    So I went home yesterday and contact Verizon support. I worked with them for almost an hour. They had me try all the normal things (make sure screen rotate was enabled, restart the phone, restart the phone in safe mode and lastly factory reset) and nothing corrected the issue. At that point the Verizon technician stated he was putting me on hold and was going to get Samsung support online. Unfortunately, I never got to speak with the Samsung support technician. The Verizon tech came back on the line and stated the Samsung tech said it is a known issue and they are working with Google to correct the issue. The Samsung tech told the Verizon tech they hope to have the SOFTWARE issue corrected in a few weeks. The Samsung tech advised the Verizon tech to replace my phone with a new one and all steps were taken and I should be receiving my new S6 edge on Friday.

    My concern...is why would the Samsung tech advise the Verizon tech to replace the phone if he/she knew it was software related? You would think they would advise them to tell the customer a fix will be out shortly for the software issue. This is why I still think it's hardware related. I've read a few posts on other forums that point to the rapid charger being the issue, however I have no proof of that.

  16. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    Because they are talking out of their arses and know full well that there is also a hardware issue as well, perhaps? :)
  17. diskra

    diskra Lurker

    I have the S6 Edge 32gb on Verizon, white. Now, as everybody else, my screen stopped rotating few days after I got my phone and I suspect was soon after I fast charged it a few times. But here is my question and why I am puzzled (keep in mind I don't know how these things work exactly). So, the screen rotating doesn't work if I try to move the phone around, BUT, if I launch an app that utilizes landscape like clash of clans it does rotate exclusively on one side (the bottom of the phone becomes the right side). While I have this opened, if I hit the multi-window key (left of the home button) the task killer thing comes up also in landscape mode. As soon as I close the app, everything returns to portrait. Now, I read about the sensor test and I tried the secret codes, but didn't work on my phone (I think Verizon's rom flash blocks these codes). So I did the next best thing and downloaded Phone Tester. I got to see the Accelerometer sensor in action, and the X was stuck on 39.225 while the Y and Z are constantly changing. Here is my confusion. If the chip was fried due to the fast charging as others are saying, wouldn't the entire chip be faulty causing all 3 axis to be stuck and not just one? Also, how does the app going to landscape work? Is it based on pure software or does the accelerometer play a role in it?

    p.s.: I went through the same bs with Samsung support agent soft reset, safe mode and factory reset, all failed. Then I went in Verizon and the snobby employee told me exactly "We had 3 people come with the exact same issue yesterday. It's a software problem not hardware. Wait for the next update and if it doesn't fix it we will give you a new phone".
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  18. androidexpat

    androidexpat Well-Known Member

    I also bought mine in Hong Kong as well over in TST from CSL. Mine has some rotating issues as well. In Hong Kong they will always tell you that they are UNAWARE of ISSUE lol.. When ever someone complains to them about anything in Hong Kong they will tell you that they are UNAWARE of this issue and have never heard of any complaints lol.. This is a Hong Kong thing to make it sound as if you are the only one complaining about this issue as you are too picky.

    I replaced mine once due to SIM card slot up on top. If the sim card is slightly thicker then SIM card gets stuck inside. The SIM card slot on this device has a very tight slot. The thickness of SIM cards may vary at times from carrier to carrier so if you notice that your card is slightly thicker do not attempt to put it in SIM card slot as it will get stuck and damage the inside. One of the trade offs as phones get slimmer.
  19. Ichibanhebi

    Ichibanhebi Lurker

    Actually I found a very easy fix for me. Worked like a charm.. Simply download "rotation lock adaptive free" from the play store. Set it to "stock auto" and hit save. Then test it out. As you can see its not hardware at all. It's software. Now to perminently fix the issue, simply uninstall "rotation lock adaptive free". Since you saved the setting as "stock auto", it's using the stock rom's auto rotate. Un installing the app simply keeps the auto rotate working and locked it back in place. You are now good to go and you don't have to wipe data. Hope this works for everyone like it did for me.
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  20. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    Actually if you read the thread and other threads on here about the auto rotate problem, there are hware issues as well, especially after fast charging, your issue was software based, that is NOT the case for a lot of other people, who are now on their 3rd/4th device!
  21. Ichibanhebi

    Ichibanhebi Lurker

    I know people are taking their devices back but it wouldn't hurt to try this first. Both Samsung and mobile Carriers are stating it's Software related. I doubt 50% of people Having this issue are having hardware caused problems and the other half software. It's probably one or the other. And this fixed it for me. I had the same issue everyone else was having. Coincidence? Definitely not impossible of course but it also wouldn't hurt for anyone experiencing this issue to try.
  22. bIOforger

    bIOforger Android Expert

    Of course they are, they would never admit to a design flaw or dodgy components on this scale.

    I can't see how that would help if the positioning chip is stuck in the X, Yor Z position, that is purely a hware problem, which seems to have been created by either a batch of dodgy chips or heat created from the battery when fast charging (the chip sits directly underneath the battery). But yea worth trying just for the hell of it i guess.
  23. Ichibanhebi

    Ichibanhebi Lurker

    That could be completely the case as well. This program at least will tell you definitely if the issue is caused from hardware failure or software.
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  24. cirusflex

    cirusflex Lurker

    Nice idea, but it defeats the purpose of having a fully functional device. i want to be able to use auto rotate. I had also been advised to reset my phone and if that does not work, exchange for a new one, even though i had sent links to these forums. What do they think we are stupid.
  25. Ichibanhebi

    Ichibanhebi Lurker

    Well it's Fully functional once you enable Stock auto in the 3rd party app. Then uninstall the app. It's likely some glitch but this fixed it for me. I'd try it. It takes an entire five min.
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