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Safe to remove?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by scooterinmn, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. scooterinmn

    scooterinmn Member
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    I have found a few posts that list apps that are safe to remove but I have yet to come across a list for the Sprint flavor of the Epic. Does anyone have an idea??

    I have stumbled upon this at XDA. It doesn't seem quite current so any additions or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Accuweather.com (SamsungWidget_WeatherClock.apk)
    AllShare 2.0.0 (Dlna.apk)
    Android Live Wallpapers 2.3.4 (LiveWallpapers.apk)
    AP Mobile (SamsungWidget_News.apk)
    Books 1.4.5 (BooksPhone.apk)
    Buddies now 1.0 (BuddiesNow.apk)
    Calculator 1.0 (TouchWizCalculator.apk)
    ChocoEUKor 1.0 (ChocoEUKor.apk)
    Clock 1.0 (AnalogClock.apk)
    Digital Clock 1.0 (DigitalClock.apk)
    DRM content 2.3.4 (SisoDrmProvider.apk)
    DRM content launcher 1.0 (DrmUA.apk)
    DRM Protected Content Storage 2.3.4 (DrmProvider.apk)
    Dual Clock 1.0 (DualClock.apk)
    Email 1.0 (EmailWidget.apk)
    Factory Test 1.0 (FactoryTest.apk)
    Helv Neue S 1.0 (HelvNeueLT.apk)
    Home Screen Tips 1.0 (Protips.apk)
    HTML Viewer 2.3.6 (HTMLViewer.apk)
    Kies air 1.2.10781 (KiesAir.apk)
    Kies via Wi-Fi 1.2.0 (kieswifi.apk)
    Let's Try, Panning! 1.0 (PanningTryActually.apk)
    Live Wallpaper Picker 2.3.4 (LiveWallpapersPicker.apk)
    Market Feedback Agent 2.3.5 (GoogleFeedback.apk)
    Media Hub 129 (MediaHub.apk)
    Microbes 2.3.4 (Microbesgl.apk)
    Mobile Print 1.4.1 (MobilePrint.apk)
    MTP Application 1.0 (MtpApplication.apk)
    My Uploads 1.5.13 (MediaUploader.apk)
    N.O.V.A 2 HD 1.1
    NASCAR 0.2
    Ocean Weather 1.0 (SecretWallpaper1.apk)
    PressReader 2.4.0706 (PressReader.apk)
    Program Monitor 1.12 (ProgramMonitor.apk)
    SamsungAppsUNA 2.0.11 (SamsungAppsUNAService.apk)
    Search Applications Provider 2.3.6 (ApplicationsProvider.apk)
    Self Test Mode 1.0 (SelfTestMode.apk)
    Setup Wizard 1.3 (SetupWizard.apk)
    SNS 1.5 (SnsProvider.apk)
    SNS Disclaimer 1.0 (SnsDisclaimer.apk)
    SNSAccountFb 1.0 (SnsAccountFb.apk)
    SNSAccountLi 1.0 (SnsAccountLi.apk)
    SNSAccountTw 1.0 (SnsAccountTw.apk)
    SnsImageCache 1.0 (SnsImageCache.apk)
    Social Hub 2.00.00001 (SocialHub.apk)
    Speech Recorder 2.3.6 (SpeechRecorder.apk)
    Sprint ID 1.5.40 (W_Installer.apk)
    Sprint Mobile Wallet 1.5 (SprintMobileWallet.apk)
    Sprint Music Plus 1.0
    Sprint Radio
    Sprint TV & Movies 1.0
    Sprint Zone SZ_2.5.12 (SprintZone.apk)
    Talk 1.3 (Talk2.apk)
    Tasks 1.0 (Tasks.apk)
    Tasks Provider 2.3.4 (TasksProvider.apk)
    TeleNav GPS Navigator 1.0
    Terminal Emulator 2.3.6 (Term.apk)
    Tracker 1.0 (MobileTrackerEngineTwo.apk)
    Tutorial Widgets 1.05
    VPN Services 2.3.6 (VpnServices.apk)
    Wi-Fi sharing 1.0 (FTS.apk)
    Wi-Fi sharing manager 1.0 (FTM.apk)
    Windy Weather 1.0 (SecretWallpaper2.apk)
    Yahoo! Finance (SamsungWidget_StockClock.apk)

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