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Samroids! Need your help on this arcade classic

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by totalgeek, May 3, 2010.

  1. totalgeek

    totalgeek Lurker
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    May 3, 2010

    I'm trying to get some input on this game. I know its a game that you've probably seen a dozen times but I'm trying to build up my Android developing skills since I'm a JAVA developer by profession, but want to add mobile developing to my resume.

    I hardly get any feedback from the market and it would be great for anyone to help out. I'm not going to say its the "next great" thing actually its been done to death but I'm stuck and instead of getting people to post 1 star and uninstall with no feedback I thought I would come to others.

    Basically its Asteroids, but what I'm trying to do is build my own gaming network, to also put PHP/Mysql on my resume. You create an account in game and it keeps track of all your high scores, allows you to challenge friends, and you also have your own personal 'friends' leader board. All of that is in development. Right now the problem I have is getting the controls to work right. I'm using a Mytouch3G for development and testing but how would you adjust the controls so it works? I'm thinking of putting in a settings page where you can map your own controls but I don't know. I would really value some input.

    You can see more about the game here Untitled Document and the "proposed" game network here GEEKnet Network.

    The game is free and in the market now called Samroids but the controls are setup to be played on a Mytouch3G. I tried using the trackball but it was so 'eck' and I tried using the accelerometer and thats where I got the bad feedback. I billed it as a party game someone said it felt like balancing a golfball on a bowling ball... I thought that's why it was so funny!

    Any help, especially input, would be appreciated. All I can offer you is my thanks and if you want your name, or online nick name, posted on the main samroids page.

    If I cross post I'm sorry I would just really like some feedback, especially on the game network part and controls. Thanks, everyone!


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