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Samsung deliberately causing emergency calls only?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 1stFalloutboy, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. 1stFalloutboy

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    For all android users who are dual sim and getting 'emergency calls only'

    I am a suspicious person and I suspect that I have figured out what is going on with a lot of users ( not necessarily all ) receiving the above message.

    Through trial and error with a Galaxy S900FD I found that if you manually switch the LTE network from one card to the other that which ever card is not selected becomes 2G and shows 'emergency calls only'.

    Now this behavior is very different to my S8 Duos which will let me use either card and I'm sure the S5 used to and now it will if I do it manually but it wont do it automatically even with dual sim always enabled = on.

    My suspicions are as follows based on the information that I have which is...
    1) Samsung have stopped producing replacement batteries for our devices.
    2) Dual sim models starting to come up with emergency calls only..

    I believe they are trying to force us onto the new hardware platforms by reducing the phones functionality in this respect and convincing users that their phones are dying.

    I would very much love to hear from other duos users with the 'emergency calls only' problem if manually switching the LTE enabled sim to the other slot using the select network for sim software swaps the problem to the other sim... If so I think we have an answer and probably a good many users would have a strong case for class action against samsung.

    Let me know how you go.

  2. mikedt

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    The S5 is four years old now, so it's entirely possible Samsung has ceased making spare parts for it, and no longer supports it with OTA updates. However there are definitely third-party batteries still available for the S5.

    I'm pretty sure it's NOT Samsung doing that, like deliberately making them go emergency calls only.
    Well did do that once, but only the recalled Galaxy Note 7, and no other phone.

    Emergency calls can be caused by a few reasons, like phone is incompatible with carrier, or IMEI blacklisted, Like it could be your carrier has IMEI blacklisted it for whatever reasons. Who is your carrier, is it a US carrier with restrictive BYOD, did you buy the S5 from them?
  3. Hadron

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    Or indeed because one slot has limited functionality (not uncommon in dual SIM phones, especially older ones) and some carriers are switching off 2G services (which would mean "emergency calls only") or are not compatible with GSM 2G (anyone using Sprint or Verizon networks - your talk of suing makes me suspect that you are American, apologies if incorrect ;)).

    There are so few S5 Duos still in use that it really isn't worth Samsung doing something like this. And only a system update could change the dual slot behaviour, and when did you last have one of those?

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