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Sensation died

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ElSteenio, May 23, 2011.

  1. ElSteenio

    ElSteenio Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone else's sensation stopped working full stop after charging?

    Got mine on Friday, found it to be a great phone with loads of good features and a good speed for interweb and apps. On sunday, i charged it, unplugged it and popped it in my pocket. 10 minutes later the phone was dead. Now it won't charge or turn on. Apparently there has been a few more people with this problem. The phone overheats during charging then dies.

    Vodafone are sending out a replacement on wednesday.

    It's a shame as i've found it to be a good phone

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  2. mickalennon

    mickalennon Lurker

    just got a sensation,had it one day and same thing happened,i work in vodafone head office and i was talking to one of the co ordinators who visted one of our stores,they have had quite a few come back with the exact same issue,phone was working perfect then it died,orange light stayed on but screen off,took out battery and it died completley,wont charge,hed to send it back,very peeved,contacted htc and they "were sorry to hear the phones not working and would i like to send it off for repair" too effin right i would,i want a straight up replacement mofos.first htc phone,might just be my last,not a good start but willing to give it a chance as its a beast of a phone !!!
  3. lennonish

    lennonish Newbie

    Mine did that too, it was like it didn't charge even though it said it did. I changed chargers and it worked like a charm. I've gone back to the original charger and have only had the problem twice since, when I was charging it via USB. Most of the time it works as USB, but it's always worked with the wall adapter.

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