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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by samster, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. samster

    samster Member
    Thread Starter

    I turned off Sense UI on new years. I love my phone now since I feel its way snappier, and I no longer have the issue of accidentally calling people when I really want to hang-up. Sense puts the 'Phone' soft button on the same place on screen as 'Call' and 'End' soft buttons, but now all I have there is the Application tray. Replicas or even better versions of the widgets can be found in the market, and did you really NEED 7 homescreens anyways?? I recommend anyone who is fed up like I was to try disabling Sense UI.

    PS: Sense UI is the reason us HTC Desire/Droid Eris users don't have 2.0 yet, since Sense is an HTC thing, not Google, and therefore is not open source. HTC can take their sweet old time porting Sense to 2.0, who knows when we will see it! Boycott Sense UI LOL!!

  2. ekyle

    ekyle Android Expert

    I've only had my Eris for 2 days. I was wondering how you would call people on accident. I turn my screen off (which locks it) when I put it in my pocket and when browsing through the phone I have a desktop dedicated to the people widget. I'm just wondering so I can try to avoid it.
  3. aleis

    aleis Android Expert

    sense has a slight delay so when you hit end call on the screen...it looks like it didnt register so u hit it again but it took the first time!
    so u end up calling the person u were just trying to hang up on back!
    it is frustating but...still not ok with letting sense go...:eek:
  4. Podivin

    Podivin Android Expert

    There is less of a delay if you use the physical end-call button, rather than the on screen one. The phone responds quicker, and you feel the 'click' so you KNOW that you pressed the button.

    Ekyle, if you're referring to 'pocket dialing' I've found that by closing the phone app before I put the phone in my pocket that problem has gone away.
  5. Caddyman

    Caddyman Android Expert

    i prefer to use sense...
  6. erisdog63

    erisdog63 Lurker

    + 1 for me. I love sense.
  7. samster

    samster Member
    Thread Starter

    Exactly! I would try to press end call then realizing that it didnt register I would push it again several times. What I was actually pushing was the Sense UI phone button on the bottom and subsequently the call send button as well. It got quite annoying after awhile and thankfully I haven't run into that problem anymore. For the record I haven't butt dialed anyone and always pocket my phone with the screen locked, just would dial people when actually trying to hang up. I know I'm not the only one with this problem...
  8. snorge

    snorge Android Enthusiast

    The phone seems to hang up a lot faster after installing the leaked update.
  9. MisterMcGoo

    MisterMcGoo Well-Known Member

    I know, right?
  10. samster

    samster Member
    Thread Starter

    Im hesitant to apply the update in case it patches a possible exploit for root. That's my top priority
  11. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    i turned off sense last night and i think i prefer the vanilla android. i have an eris, but i originally bought a droid so when i returned that for the eris it took me some time to get used to sense. until reading these forums i didn't know you could turn off sense, now i feel like i got a new phone all over again. anyway its just personal preference.
  12. jjr1968

    jjr1968 Newbie

    like sense.
  13. enkode

    enkode Member

    I can't decide. If there was a widget exactly like htc's Google calendar widget I would just stay vanilla.
  14. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Android Expert

    I like sense so much better!
  15. jeffyo

    jeffyo Android Enthusiast

    I love sense too, the wigets, the 7 screens, and the functionality of the phone. I do notice a lot of lag and what the thread author expernced. I had a G1 prior to the Eris so i was used to 3 screens. It worked well and i didnt have this much lag. Ill try it without sense for a while to see how different or if i like not.
  16. hallstevenson

    hallstevenson Android Expert

    How do you turn it off (and back on) ?
  17. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    setting > applications > manage apps > htc sense app > clear defaults > force stop

    then hit the home button it will ask you which home you want regular "home" or "htc sense" pick "home" and check use as default.

    if you want to go back to sense do the same thing, but clear the defaults on "home" and force stop the home app.

    when you click the home button then on the bottom of the screen it will ask you to choose again
  18. lisadawn

    lisadawn Member

    dumb question but what is the difference?
  19. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    basically the way it looks and a few widgets. with sense off it will be 'vanilla' android much like the droid.
  20. jeffyo

    jeffyo Android Enthusiast

    That's wrong. You click on "reset defaults." not clear cache or force stop because that will just reset to basic Sense UI again.
  21. cevMkV

    cevMkV Well-Known Member

    sorry ur right "reset defaults".

    but also fyi you can force stop without clearing cache and it wont reset sense back to basic.
  22. droidfanatic

    droidfanatic Newbie

    I liked running the phone without Sense too but I found that I was really missing the widgets...esp. the mail, messaging and people widgets, i tried looking for some replacements in the market but didn't find any that were similar....any recommendations?
  23. jeffyo

    jeffyo Android Enthusiast

    basic is much more responsive and much less laggy when running other programs in the backgraound. I too miss the many options Sense brought. I may go back already. I'll give it a day or unless I'm bored.
  24. deVlad

    deVlad Lurker

    Hey everyone, I posted this in another forum and it may get more respone here. I followed the prescribed protocol to turn Sense UI off to see if I would like it. And i don't. I miss my widgets and the awesome set up I had. Problem is, I can't get it back even though I've followed the reverse directions. The first time I tried, the home button brought up my old HTC Sense button, which I clicked on and it returned the phone exactly the way I had it. Later, when I woke it to answer a call, it had reverted back to the plain droid. And when I hold the Home button down now, I don't even see the HTC Sence app/widget thingy available anymore. Now just the settings app.

    I want it back...any ideas. Making me crazy. I have to stop messing with it...that's for sure.
  25. samster

    samster Member
    Thread Starter

    make sure you clear defaults in both sense/home and force stop the "home" application. then push the home button, and you will be prompted to choose home or sense UI.

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