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SMS 160 for Greek Keyboard Through More Locale?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by payne, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Hi there guys!

    I live in Greece and i bought my Hero from England. So i missed the Greek menu and keyboard and looked for something that could help and that was More Locale! Really Amazing App!

    But i face this problem:
    When writing an SMS via the Stock HTC's Messages App, will only allow me to write in capitals and the worst that is that i can only write 70 characters/sms. In other apps apart from Messages i can write anything i want. The thing is that it should allow me to write 160 chars/sms with CAPITALS ONLY cause that's the way it happens with all other devices. Non capital Greek letters like ζ, η, γ, δ etc are always valued as double letters because of some kind of unicode system so it is completely logical that if i write in non-capital letters it would drop the limit to 70chars/sms. But the thing is that i can only write in Capitals and only 70chars/sms!!
    So i would appreciate a solution mainly for the 160 chars/sms thing cause it is so annoying and mainly so bad for my pocket (and good for my carrier!)!
    Apart from this i have no text provision for the Greek keyboard again on Messages Stock app only.

    I'm looking forward to any help/solution!
    Thanks in advance!

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