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Sprint/Evo4g Conspiracy or faulty equipment? Idk, PLEASE HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by TwistedEvoMind, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. TwistedEvoMind

    Thread Starter

    Ok, so I was on my way back to Atlanta, GA from Virginia yesterday and I received a phone call from a friend who needed me to send them an email. So, I put them on speakerphone and tried to send it per their request. Didn't work, chalked it up to driving through bad coverage areas, told her I'd do it when I got home. A few hours later (when I was back in my home coverage area with full 4g service), I try to browse the web while on a phone call, didn't work. Tried calling different people on different cell networks as well as landlines and tried to browse the web. Again, didn't work. I did profile as well as prl updates, tried updating the firmware, nothing worked, so I called Sprint.

    I explain to them what my problem was then they gave me the whole 'lets reboot your phone and do updates' routine which I had already done myself, then got transferred to tech support. My jaw almost hit the floor when the moron on the other line told me and I quote "I'm sorry sir, but I'm pretty sure the Evo4G was never able to browse the web while on a phone call..." We then went back and forth for a half an hour about how the Evo4g IS able to do browse the web while on a phone call, and that thats why I bought the damn thing, and that I have been doing such for 7months since I bought it. I got transferred 3 more times til I got a Sprint employee who actually had the Evo as their personal phone. She almost gave me another heart-attack when she said the same thing, that the Evo was never able to browse the web while on a phone call unless connected to wifi but admitted she had never tried to do such. She had a coworker call her phone, tried to go browse the internet and couldn't do it, then also said the 3g/4g icon in her notification bar disappeared when a call was connected and that it had never done that before (one of the symptoms of my problem), after, I was promptly hung up on by this woman. What the hell is going on, this just started yesterday on the 11th for me, is this happening to anyone else? Or any related problems?

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  2. TwistedEvoMind

    Thread Starter

    My guess is that either there was some kind of update that screwed up evo connectivity to the net while on a call, or that Sprint is conspiring to **** up the evo's features so that we'll buy the 3d or some other sprint phone...i may be reaching but I really was in shock when four diff. employees told me the evo was NEVER able to browse the web while on a phone call...in their defense maybe I got the morons who run the help desks after hours as this all took place about a half an hour ago, it is now 1245am where i live as of now, it seemed as if I knew more about the phone they were supposed to help me fix than they did...lame
  3. TwistedEvoMind

    Thread Starter

    also, if you are tempted to reply with a "dude, the evo was never able to do that," dont because it means you 2 are a moron and this post is not for you. .:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  4. TwistedEvoMind

    Thread Starter

    i dont know what happened from my last message up until now but when i again enabled 4G and placed a call and tried to browse the net it worked this time. HOWever, when im connected via 3G and place a call the 3G icon still disappears and it basically says i am no longer connected to the mobile network and that i have to connect to the mobile network or wifi...this is retareded, why would it disconnect me FROM the network after i place a call ON the network...something gay is going on here..:thinking:
  5. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    when you are on 4g you should be able to make calls and be on the net. not sure why sprint is telling you that. you cannot do that with 3g. your 3g will turn off to connect the call. only gsm networks like att and t-mobile can do that.
  6. TwistedEvoMind

    Thread Starter

    I swear I feel like im in the twilight zone because there have been many times where i havent been in a 4g coverage area and was able to do both on a 3g connection...
  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    must have been. only gsm networks does that work on 3g. cdma can only do it when they have 4g. but the sprint people should have been able to tell you that.
  8. ToxicToastKatz

    ToxicToastKatz Android Enthusiast

    I could be way off base here, but the 3G radio (network) and 4G radio (network) are two completely different entities, which is why when connected to 4G (or WiFi) you are able to use data (surf the web, send email, check Facebook, etc). The phone portion utilizes the 3G network, so you can only do one or the other at any certain time.

    GSM networks (such as AT&T) are able to use both voice and data at the same time because of the nature of the GSM network. The limitations of CDMA only allow one at a time.

    Again, I'm not an expert, but that's the general idea.

    Hope this helps.

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