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Texting Layout Issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kmC, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. kmC

    kmC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    What's up, I just bought a Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and am super impressed with it. However, there are a couple issues that are really annoying me and they all seem to revolve around the text messaging of the phone. When I send and receive messages it doesn't place the incoming and outgoing messages in a conversation like layout. It places the messages in a line. I'll just show an example between person X and person Y.


    Instead of like
    Y etc.

    Is there a setting I need to change or what's going on? Nobody else's phone does this so I am confused.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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  2. Cridwilr

    Cridwilr Lurker

    I am also having this ... anoyance

    and since no one replyed to the OP


    if its been addressed elsewhere, then please pm me the link, or post it... ill keep searching cause scrooling up through 50 of my messages to see the latest message from my girl only to scroll down through 50 again when i post a reply, is anoying..

    surely there must be a fix

    i will get back to searching now
  3. Abby6497

    Abby6497 Newbie

    Mine does this too. But what i noticed is that it only does it if me and the person i am talking to sends a message in the same minute. I also noticed sometimes my phone will say that someone sent a message at like 9:15 but its only 9:13. weird
  4. turboturban

    turboturban Lurker

    I know this thread has been bumped but can somebody please redirect me to whatever thread has fixed this or a solve?

  5. HoFun

    HoFun Newbie

    Me too its REALLY making me mad. I asked Samung they said it was a "default" layout and you cant change it. Hope someone one can find a way to change it.

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