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The easiest way to download your phone official firmware

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ramimz, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. ramimz

    ramimz Newbie
    Thread Starter

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  2. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast

    Is this any differant than downloading the kdz file using the recovery methods already set out by Biggiephil and sammyz. I understand that you say its specific to each owners personal phone but is it really any differant than the generic version, after all they are both the same size and do exactly the same thing don't they or am I missing something here?
    You can get your IMEI # from going to settings then status and its there.
  3. guxu

    guxu Member

    They are the same. But this one is from LG's own site. So I guess we can count on it is always the latest and the greatest.
  4. zonafyde602

    zonafyde602 Newbie

    okay so I was able to see all my info, but there isnt anything under <sw_url/> . What does that mean?
  5. zonafyde602

    zonafyde602 Newbie

    Is there another method for this? It is not giving a link to download my rom. I have LG Optimus L70 Model number is LG-D321.
  6. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    Can't always count on LG:
    1) Newest updates on some phones breaks root.
    2) LG breaks their firmware links ALL the time; if there is a more than normal amount of downloads they change their links.

    This is why I upload firmware to somewhere else and release that link I uploaded it to.

    I once created a guide like this and I took it down a week later because LG blocked a lot of important links. I wouldn't be surprised if we are no longer able to get firmware ourselves.
  7. bart2201

    bart2201 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah sammyz LG does make things difficult for no reason, with that in mind I wouldn't doubt them slamming the door shut on availability of firmware for certain phones. What truly drives me crazy is that there is no particular reasoning to follow with them.

    But it is what it is and nothing we do can change that. Hopefully we will still be able to use certain files if we have them downloaded and set up to run regardless of whether the kdz or tot files are taken off the web sites.

    I do have the LG flash tool on my desktop already loaded with the L70 dll and tot files ready to flash. All I have to do is change port to 41 and then its a full go from there. The LG flash tool keeps the settings for tot and dll files ready to flash. I'm thinking that maybe I should also do a full set up with the kdz method just to have as many links as possible. I would advise anyone with their phones rooted to make sure that they are also set up to go.
  8. sammyz

    sammyz LG Whiz Kid

    There already is no public availability of firmware (from LG directly) for a lot of LG's high end phones.
  9. 9000cody

    9000cody Well-Known Member

    I'm Rooted, Would this remove it?
  10. zonafyde602

    zonafyde602 Newbie

    But are you able to help me get the firmware to an LG Optimus L70 - D321
  11. guxu

    guxu Member

    Saw 10c firmware using the link now. Certainly I will not update it.
  12. Jisaeus

    Jisaeus Lurker

    It will remove your root, but if you go back to the download mode understand it will be labeled as UNROOTED.

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