Android Expert
Feb 22, 2011
In my living room.
My wife has the Intercept, and it's performance has been disappointing at best. I've rooted it, without problems, and tried a few ROMs for it (currently bROM 1.3.1), but no matter what ROM it's running Titanium Backup is sketchy. I usually have to launch it and kill it several times just to get to the main screen, if I just let it go it sits there, hung. I've been able to get system backups with it, but with it freezing up it usually takes five or six hours. Batch jobs are out of the question, I've tried letting it run overnight and all it's ever done is reboot the phone. It isn't overclocked (I don't think it can be...) Is Titanium not compatible with the Intercept? I'm open to any suggestions and ideas.