TuneIn radio application


Having issues streaming my favorite sports talk show in Ann Arbor, MI (WTKA). I had no problems with streaming from when I had my IPhone!! When I open up the radio station,it continues to say: opening, then states can't connect to stream. I have no other problems with any other sattion i would like to stream on TuneIn. I called the radio station and they said therewereno problems, is this an Atrix thing? Anything I can do?




Welcome to Android Forums. I agree with El Presidente, for the best help with your Atrix you should check into it's sub forum which he kindly provided a link. The friendly users in there know all about your phone and will best to assist you with your streaming audio problems. Thanks for joining AF. I hope you enjoy the forums.


I am facing the same problem in LG9. Error message "can't connect to stream".

Need Help!!
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Try uninstall/reinstall the app. Or check to make sure your internet connection is working properly. A simple battery pull will suffice.

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