Help Turn over to Silence setting?


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Where is setting to silence phone when i set on table upside down?


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Where is setting to silence phone when i set on table upside down?

I don't believe it actually turns the phone on silent. It turns the speaker on when on a call and it makes a ring silent if someone is calling you and you turn it over. But I don't think just turning it over anytime silences the phone.


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i checked the market and there are a couple apps for this


the list goes on search Flip for Silent for the rest of the list (the ones listed above are free)


I'm pretty sure the idea is that if your at work and your worried your phone might right but you don't want to mess around changing settings you can just turn it over and it won't ring until you turn it over again, basically toggling the silent mode from on when face down to off when face up. That's how I understood it. I just tried it on my HTC Desire HD, so I rang my phone and it started ringing, your suggestion that it goes silent if you turn the phone over didn't hold up, nothing happened, it was ringing, I turned the phone face down on my table but it kept on ringing. Also when its face down and the phone is set to ring and vibrate it still rings. any ideas? It should be silent when face down, I've seen people complain that this happens and they DON'T WANT IT TO so it is the desired functionallity, just need to know how to activate or turn it off. thanks



I just write a simple app based on your requirement. Go to market and search by "flip over". This app will go into silent mode or vibrate mode if you flip over the phone. Also it has feature to enable the back camera preview to detect whether you are in pocket or hand bag. If detect, ignore the silent feature.

A bonus point is another feature about voice recording. Hope it is useful when you sudden talk to you boss. :)

Thanks for trying and rating.




Can someone explain to me why all these flip over, flip4silence etc. etc. apps are not working on my Prestigio PAP 4055 DUO? I have tried what not, but with no result? This functionality seems pretty useful to me, so I would really like to run it. Thanks in advance :)

P.S: I am running Android 4.1