Updating to 5.0


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So I had a Galaxy S5 few months ago, and had updated it to 5.1 but it became laggy, much so that I had to restart the phone a few times a day. This Note 4 from T Mobile is on 4.4.4, but I checked if it had an update, and it does. But for 5.0. How is 5.0 on the Note 4? Or should I root it and add a Custom ROM?


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My Note 4 on Verizon is not laggy and it is using 5.1.x

I am nervous about rooting, I can't afford a brick, so I have never done it.

FWIW, my S5 is not laggy either, and it also has 5.x on it....
.... I have two S5 phones, one on 5.x and one on 4.4.4

there is something amiss with the S5 you had/have.


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No worries, AZ: AFAIK the Verizon Note 4 can't be rooted because of the encrypted bootloader. I have a Note 4 Developer Edition, which is a Verizon variant that I bought directly from Samsung. It came with an unlocked bootloader... and it's still rooted & ROMmed to this day. It's my standby, backup phone in case my current daily driver dies. So unless there has been a dramatic change, the stock Note 4 on VZW can't be rooted.

PRkid, if you're comfortable rooting and installing a custom ROM, I would if I were you. ROMs are generally bloat-free, streamline things, maximize resources, and you can customize it to your heart's content... making it your phone, the way YOU want it. Not the way THEY want you to have it.


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Yeah, I bought my Note 4 off Swappa and was so tickled when I noticed it still had 4.4.4

I intended to find a nice little guru to help me get thru rooting it to stay that way...

then, one night early, like 0330 in the morning, without having gone to bed, I just up and moved the SIM from my S5 to the Note 4.... my intention was to tell it 'NO' when it asks if I want to update 'Now'....

I never got that chance, and I knew it the instant the phone powered up... It went straight into the OTA update taking more than an hour to finish up with "updating my apps" which I did not want done.

so, here I sit, with a Note 4 on LolliFlop and no way to root it even if I wanted to now.


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I upgraded from 4.4.4 to 5.0.1 a while ago and found that:
1. The known memory leak problem would kill me after a few hours (apps memory footprint would grow until they crashed).
2. Bluetooth performance was terrible.
3. I could find no functional benefits.
4. I didn't like the status bar changes.

I reverted the phone back to 4.4.4 as it was the same amount of work as performing a factory reset (which is sort of recommended when performing a major update), so I don't know if I could have got the phone to run smooth with 5.0.1. That said I didn't want to take the risk since 4.4.4 works just great for me.

Now that 5.1.1 is available for my phone (an unlocked international phone), I may be brave and give that a try, but probably not. At least the bad memory leak should be patched in that version.



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there is nothing about 5.x that is worth a damn.

I wish I had rooted my Note 4 before I installed the Verizon SIM card.
I really like 4.4.4 which is still the best of the OS versions.