Use your smartphone as a PC


Nowadays with the CPU's already at 1.2 Gigahertz dualcore speeds it shouldn't take long before we can use our smartphones as a personal computer.

It would be so handy when you could just connect a bluetooth keyboard, mouse and connect a monitor and there you go. I'm surprised at least text processing and surfing the internet isn't already possible like this or am I missing something?


Actually, there is a tablet with Tegra 2 with a dock that extends battery life, has a keyboard and mouse. Asus made it and it's called the Asus EEE Pad TF101 Transform.
It is a tablet not a smartphone but it does have cool features.
Hope this helps.


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The Motorola Atrix has a keyboard/monitor dock that makes the phone into a rather low powered computer/netbook device. The concept is interesting and cool to me, but the reviews I have seen indicate that the execution of this concept was poor. I think it will take a few years at least before I am able to replace my PC with just my phone or tablet.


Don't bluetooth keyboards work with Android devices? If they do, just use one with a phone with hdmi out. Sure, it won't replace your computer completely, but it's pretty close.


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Smartphones/tablets will never replace PCs until Smartphones/tablets can run full Windows programs. Laptops may be replaced by smartphones with docks and tablets sooner, though, but there is still a deficiency of what tablets/docks can do that laptops have mastered.

Perhaps in 3 years minimum laptop manufacturers will be looking at making tablets instead. Perhaps in 5-7 years PC manufacturers will be scared. And yes, I am factoring the high-end gaming computer, too. Why? Look at the number of PC games coming out today and how many of them are mostly X360/PS3 ports. My 3 year old machine runs new games without trouble at max spec because of this. Not all games, I understand, but consoles are not going away and have been making it so PC games do not need as much hardware as they used to.