Root [Verizon] [VERIZON] Public Service Annoucement (Please Read)


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Hello, Verizon users!

This is a friendly post to remind everyone that this section is for All Things Root. I realize that there doesn't appear to be anywhere else to post for non-root topics related to the Verizon Galaxy S3 however as a Verizon user you can still post in the main Galaxy S3 forum for non-root issues so I thought I would share some tips to help keep this forum tidy.

If your new topic does not have to do with anything root related, please post in the main thread found here: Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android Forums
When posting in that main thread you can add a prefix to your thread such as [VERIZON] so that users may identify the thread as a topic related to Verizon when browsing the forum. Otherwise if it is a general topic you can leave off the tag.

Some users, myself included, have been tempted to post for anything carrier specific in carrier's All Things Root forum. But if your topic is not root related please post in the main Galaxy S3 forum and add a [VERIZON] prefix to it :)

Hope this helps! If you have any questions please PM me :D


My daughter was given a Samsung S3 phone (unlocked from Verizon); she is unable to update the OS, so we are looking to root and flash a custom ROM, would I follow the guides written for Verizon or AT&T (our current provider)? Also, while everything works on AT&T, data is only 2G, whilst this is a Global phone there seems to be some incompatibility in accessing the appropriate band, I saw someone reflashed their phone with AT&T firmware, would this resolve my data connection issue?