Wallpaper changing to default by itself


Hey everyone n00b here sorry if this post exist i searched and searched and could not find anyone with this issue, well here goes i bought two samsung galaxy s and both have their own individual issues mine has the issue of turning off by itself which i found previous post about but the other one which im posting about consistently changes the background back to the default bubble blue live wallpaper, would anyone know if this is a app issue or a hardware issue with the phone becuase i wanna make sure i go back and exchange it, if thats the issue, if its something that can be fixed then please give me the solution because i really dont wanna exchange it and setup the phone all over again for my girlfriend >_< thanks everyone


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Do you have any apps running that close tasks? It may be closing it.

The only time I experience this is when Titanium Backup runs, it closes it so that it can back it up. Interestingly, I look at that as a verification that my scheduled backup ran.


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First thank you for your input, uuum i beleive shes only running Advance Task Killer but she doesnt kill any APPs i usually do that when i notice her phone going slow, and there is nothing on the autokill list


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I had this problem. I was using Task Manager to kill apps five minutes after screen goes dark. I told it to ignore the ${name-of-live-wallpaper} app, and problem went away.