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What a pain!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MoodyBlues, Nov 9, 2019.

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    So I'm currently in the process of totally revamping my directory structure for Dropbox, and I just wanted to say: WHAT A PAIN!!!!!!! (Is that enough exclamation points?)

    Seriously, it sucks. For example, from its site in my browser, I moved several directories to their new homes--where directories of the same names already existed. Expecting it to act like my beloved Dolphin [file manager on Linux], I thought it would prompt me, i.e., "directory already exists," followed by choices, "apply to all: skip, write into, rename, cancel." BUT NO!! Instead, it created "documents (1)" and "videos (1)" and ".kde_110519 (1)" and so on. Then I had to MANUALLY compare each of the "(1)" directories with the originals, which is no small feat because their tools for such things suck, and then manually merge or delete as needed.

    I'd like to archive off some old stuff, but don't see any way to do that. What I want is, say, an 'archive' directory where I can move things I no longer want to sync, but do want to keep for posterity. I'd want to know that they're safe, and their files won't be deleted if I delete matching files on my computer.

    Oh! It's almost done...


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