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Wifi calling

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Jake Babinsack, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. Jake Babinsack

    Thread Starter

    Hi just traded my AT&T IPHONE 6S I'm for a galaxy 6S (I just prefer android over ios). The iPhone has the wifi calling fratute, basically if I had bad cell coverage but had a wifi signal it would switch calls and texts to wifi almost seamlessly. This feature is not available with AT&T android phones yet for some reason so I'm looking for some kind of solution to do this. Please I'm only looking for a solution that would only use my same AT&T number. Any solutions or ideas??

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  2. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Seamlessly switching to WiFi on Apple devices work because all iOS devices are connected to Apple servers. This however needs both devices to be Apple devices.

    This cannot happen on Android automatically because of the differing manufacturers, and that they don't force you to use their services. For example, Google puts Hangouts on all Android devices. This would work like what you said on Apple devices. If you use Hangouts to SMS or call, then it can switch between mobile connections and wifi seamlessly. However, many people who own Android don't bother with Hangouts because there is already a phone and messaging app which the manufacturer places in the device. However these 2 apps don't work with wifi. Samsung has a service called ChatOn, which works likes Hangouts. But I couldn't for the life of me understand why they don't make it the default call and sms app, which would allow it to function they way you describe iMessage and calling on an Apple would.

    Then there are third party apps like Viber, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat, Kik, etc, who provide the same service.
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  4. Jake Babinsack

    Thread Starter

    I checked or Vibr but you can only message other Viber users. I'm looking for a app to use as my default sms app that will send my sms over wifi when I loose cell coverage
  5. Without switching carriers you won't be able to do this until it is implemented by AT&T. Native WiFi calling using your cell # is not something you can accomplish on your own.
    I'm on MetroPCS, and the major reason I stick with Metr0-branded phones and OEM ROM's is that it's the only way to have their WiFi calling.
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  6. iMytch

    iMytch Newbie

    You could also consider using a VOIP app to make-receive calls/texts over Wifi. One that works well for me is called TextFree. The only drawback is that you are assigned a number that's attached to the app.

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