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WiFi Hot Spot with Giff Gaff

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by kevingaywood, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. kevingaywood

    kevingaywood Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi All, i had a quick search but couldn't find the answer.

    I moved my phone tariff to Giff Gaff - which is great btw.

    I also own a WiFi tablet. so when out and about, using my phone as a wifi hotspot is the obvious and convenient choice. My phone is a HTC Desire with CyanagenMod (which includes WiFi Hotspot built in)

    Apparently if Giff Gaff see you tethering they will remove your Unlimited internet, for the remainder of the month.

    The reason is obvious, that they want more money out of you and want you to pay for a separate tariff for the tablet. I think this is unfair because not only would i now have to pay for a new dongle, but I have already paid for unlimited internet on my phone so should be entitled to my unlimited internet how i see fit (i'm not a big downloader, just surfing and emails). ALSO that's the "whole" point to a wifi hotspot - to use the 3g from the phone and extend it to another device.

    I read somewhere that a rooted phone gets around this issue and the isp can't see that the data is tethered, when used in this way. Is this true? i'm already rooted. If i browse from my tablet over the wifi AP will Giff Gaff see it and stop my service?

    Many thanks in advance.


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  2. nigsy

    nigsy Android Enthusiast

    It's against GiffGaffs T&C's to allow tethering on a goodybags SIM, they keep their prices down by restricting your internet use to just the phones data usage. You need to buy a Giggabag bolt on for tethering.
  3. kevingaywood

    kevingaywood Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I thought as much. But it is silly.

    I mean it's not exactly a deal breaker and i'll continue using them for now. But its the equivalent of selling you a car without wheels. you can sit in the car of course, and polish it etc, but if you want to go anywhere you'll have to buy the wheels separately. LOL

    If i pay
  4. nigsy

    nigsy Android Enthusiast

    Are you able to use your car as a Taxi without paying an additional charge for insurance etc?

    Basically mobile internet is designed for smaller usage for mobile devices and this is what you have been sold, whether it's unlimited or not. Packages for dongles etc are sold with an expectation you are going to share the connection with every device, download 24/7 etc.

    And as you say it's the price you pay for the tariff.

    BTW - How are you finding Giffgaff - my contracts up soon, not sure if I'm going to upgrade or just go to pay monthly?
  5. Davdi

    Davdi Android Expert

    Depends on your usage. We have
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  6. kevingaywood

    kevingaywood Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well aside from the minor irk, they are brilliant so far. you really cant beat their price.

    I have the lowest goody bag
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