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Tips WiFi Problems/Data Problems

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by CaffeineTripp, Nov 2, 2012.

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    Sep 2, 2010

    Sep 2, 2010
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    I'll first start with my original problem with receiving data. It's mostly fixed now. This concerns both rooted and stock ROMs.
    A lot of people will notice, on the T-Mobile 4G network, that their data only works well when the 4G/3G/2G/E/G symbols are blue, and work slowly, if at all, when the symbols, and bars, are gray.
    I've heard this rumored to be two part; either a Google app wasn't synchronizing, or a Google app wasn't installed on their phone (rooted users usually, but those without root can experience the same thing when a Google app isn't synchronizing).
    However, there was one little piece of information that I was missing in the entire thing. Previously, I had downloaded Juice Defender, and did a little customizing to how the app saved battery power. I neglected to read the fine print, as usual, and effectively uninstalled the app a few days later after not seeing an improvement. From there, I installed another battery saving application in hopes that it would help out the diminishing life of the Samsung Galaxy S' battery life. To no avail there. Not only did installing another app fail to give me better battery life, I didn't have any data service left whatsoever. I could only get 'blue bars' when the phone was plugged into the charger and connected to my home network over WiFi. Odd, I thought. Reinstalled Juice Defender and everything came back to normal.
    Why? Because the fine print of Juice Defender says that if you change any of the default settings to your own custom settings, upon installation it doesn't remove them/set them back to ROM default. Therefore, you must reinstall Juice Defender, apply the default battery saver options through the program, and then you can uninstall it.
    Figured that it would help the situation to those that have had Juice Defender in the past and can't figure out why their data service sucks after uninstalling it.

    Onward to the next problem that I've had, which I haven't found a fix for. The WiFi is spotty sometimes. You may have all your wireless computers connected to your router, yet, for some reason, your phone cannot connect to the router, even though it sees full strength bars and has had no difficulty connecting one minute ago.
    For this 'fix' I have tried restarting the phone, restarting with any WiFi Managers uninstalled. Restarting with the SIM card out. Restarting with the SD Card out. No avail anywhere. This also happened to my girlfriend's LG G2X at the same moment as my SGS4G. WiFi just cut off for our phones, yet our wireless computers were just fine.
    Checked settings on the router; everything was normal. Even had the security set to open (because I like sharing connections to the neighbors). Still no connection. Rebooted the router. Nothing.
    So, I figured what the hell, let's put a password on the WiFi, WPA2. Set the encryption, waited until the router accepted it, put in the password on the phones, and lo and behold, the phone sees, and connects to, the WiFi now.

    So, if your phone doesn't connect to your wireless router, check the security settings of your router and make sure that there is a password, if not, put one in. Connect your phone to your router. Remove the password for your security and see if it works again with the WiFi network in open security.

    Of course, these fixes aren't definitive considering that I don't have any bug reports, just general trial and error.


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