Wixel Vs Wordup


whats up guys thease 2 games are very similar both of them are great and i was wondering which one you prefer i found a video of this topic here it is.

YouTube - Wixel vs Word Up: Android
Wixel rocks. The dictionary is a bit lacking, but otherwise great game.
I agree with this.I also love that game.The game offers some very unique features including the ability to rotate the gameboard to look at the letters in a different light, or to customize how big the letter grids are.


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Been playing wordup for a few months now. Fun game. Good way to kill 3 to 5 minutes, which I need to do fairly often.

Haven't played wixel yet, I'll give it a shot.


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I play Word Up but really struggle at times to see the simplest words right in front of me. Annoying really, but keep playing hoping my brain will work one day lol

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I prefer Wixel, especially since they added the British dictionary, but I wish they'd add the option to have the games longer, like you can do on Word Up (the longest you can have on Wixel is 5 minutes).


Wish they would make a slight change to finding random players, and find ones that are actually active :(

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