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X-10 compatible accessories

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zetulaj, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. zetulaj

    zetulaj Lurker
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    Hi, I got my x-10 about a month ago and it's been everything I wanted in a phone (several people have asked me about it when I leave it next to my computer while working). So much so that, since I'm also looking for some other hardware, I want to find something that takes advantage of the many features available, such as the Bluetooth capability.

    So there are two products which have caught my eye, the Jaybird and the Caller ID watch.

    Now I've looked in a lot of places and none of them can specifically say if these are compatible with the x-10. The only thing I found was that the Jaybird is compatible with the iphone...which isn't useful. So does anyone have any experience with these or just know if it works? Ideally, Jaybird can load/play from mediascape (or even the Pandora app but that might be asking for too much), and if a call comes in, the watch vibrates, I look at it to see the caller ID, and I press a button on the wireless headphones to take the call. All without needing to fish the phone out of my pocket.

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