$1800 phone bill

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  1. je61

    je61 New Member

    I went to Vegas last month and just got my bill.. $1800!
    I was using hotel wifi and thought my calls were via wifi calling?
    HELP! has anyone successfully fought this?

  2. doniago

    doniago Well-Known Member

    I've never heard of making phone calls through wireless, unless you're talking about VOIP.
  3. mister160

    mister160 New Member

    I actually asked about this before I travelled anywhere and they said the WiFi calling was only available in Canada. ex. you can be in Montreal and use the WiFi calling but no where else in the world.

    You can possibly plead ignorance and say that the rep didn't explain this to you when you were signing up. i think the best thing you can do is probably get it reduced to something like $300 though.

  4. mjschmidt

    mjschmidt Well-Known Member

    Go on Twitter and ask one of the Rogers Helps team for assistance figuring this out. Their job is as a liason between customers and Big-R when Customer Service reps just can't do anything for you (or give you the run-around).

    RogersMary is the best, but they should all be able to help.

    Just be prepared though, if you weren't covered by wifi calling there, and if it's explained in the contract, they likely won't wave it, even if you explain you didn't know. You might, however, be able to get them to reduce it a bit if you beg and plead enough.

    RogersHelps (RogersHelps) on Twitter

    Mary @ Rogers (RogersMary) on Twitter
  5. 94lt1

    94lt1 Well-Known Member

    Or break it up into payments... I've seen that happen before. A friend of mine had an 1800 bill last November, due to a contract change for the date due... idk the ins and outs. I'd be ticked.

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