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  1. jrymcmb

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    I have an LG Optimus 3D (Rogers) unlocked, using Telus (V2 SIM card) I have no problems loading up apps, or using them to their full extent on WiFi, however, when I am on 4G I cannot log in to my TD App, I can't view pictures on Facebook, or even run a speedtest, another note when I attempt to run a speedtest it tells me there is no network present.

    Browser works no problem, I can go to any website and view anything, its just problematic when I'm trying to use data on my Apps, has anyone heard of this problem ? It seems that it has only started happening when I upgraded the OS to Gingerbread. Telus has no idea why this would be happening, and all LG tells me to do is a factory reset, which I've done twice.

    Any possible solutions ?

    Thanks !

  2. isaaci

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    Did you ever find out the reason behind this? I have an LG Thrill 4G with the exact same problem.
  3. AndyOpie150

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    It looks like a bug in the OS.
    The only three options are:
    1. Wait for another upgrade to fix the problem. Probably won't fix the problem as the OS was designed specifically for a carrier and their services (You are now using yours on a different carriers network).
    2. Root. Install a custom flash_image, recovery, and ROM. This has a better chance of fixing the problem, but still might not.
    3. Downgrading to the older OS. This will fix the problem.
  4. TheGuestWho

    TheGuestWho New Member

    Not sure if you've fixed this yet, but I had a similar experience on an unlocked Euro P920 Optimus 3D... I'm on T-Mobile USA, and out-of-the-box the phone worked fantastic for both Wi-Fi and mobile data (there's only EDGE where I'm at, so I couldn't test HSPA+).

    After updating to Gingerbread (LG build V21A, Euro-Open via LG Support Tool), I still had great data speeds on Wi-Fi, but I noticed data wasn't handing back off to cellular once I left range of the hotspot. I figured out the the update wiped out my APN - after manually updating it, mobile data sprang back to life.

    Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile Network Settings > Access Point Names.

    Hope this helps!
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