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Android 2.1 confirmed for the tattoo (ish)

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  1. Djolle

    Djolle Well-Known Member

    I receive this today in my mailbox:

    Thank you for contacting HTC. Well, we are working on an

  2. Master Joda

    Master Joda Member

    After all that words...
    Unbelievable :mad:
  3. Kyuss9

    Kyuss9 Member

  4. clanger9

    clanger9 Member

    Interesting. I notice that the readme says you have to "back up all your settings" as it will wipe all customisation.

    How exactly do you do a full phone backup/restore? Is HTC Sync required?
  5. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    there isn't any ROM update on italian HTC website.

    I just got a reply from HTC support, saying that they will release the list of phones that will get the update, but they don't know if Tattoo will be in the list
  6. louiscburr

    louiscburr New Member

    i made a call to the uk support line and they told me there, i also emailed them both the phone call and the email said we should have prep installments all through this month and then the full update should be done by start of july if you dont believe me cal the support line :D so happy days for tattoo users :D
  7. louiscburr

    louiscburr New Member

    people people jus ****in ring htc they will tell you
  8. Master Joda

    Master Joda Member

    If you kidding me .. it is a very bad joke. Are you sure that's true?
  9. Kyuss9

    Kyuss9 Member

    louiscburr, I'm in no way trying to question what you wrote, but just for the record, someone posted this today over at xda's forum:

    "Got this message this morning:
    Good morning Martijn, The tattoo does not get updated to 2.1, I've just been following this prompted whether this now confirmed and I have had a positive response. Tattoo gets no 2.1. Sincerely Inge v G HTC "

    Android 2.1 Confirmed - Page 19 - xda-developers
  10. decker39

    decker39 Member

    Hi all, i spoke to HTC Uk on the phone Saturday morning and they informed me that there would NOT be a 2.1 update for the Tattoo !! I'm gutted !!
  11. Kyuss9

    Kyuss9 Member

    Finally got an objective answer from HTC, in one of their Facebook sites, but it's not good...
    "HTC Singapore - The HTC Tattoo will unfortunately not be eligible for an upgrade to Android 2.1 & above as its specifications does not meet the upgrade requirements."

    I won't buy HTC again, that's for sure.

    HTC Singapore's Photos - Wall Photos | Facebook
  12. Master Joda

    Master Joda Member

    I can't believe what a stupid explanation.. "its specifications does not meet the upgrade requirements."
    What is essential difference between Tattoo and Wildfire. Have the same CPU, RAM size, screen resolution. This explanation is for 10th years old boy. They lie that the Tattoo does not meet the needs of Android 2.1 and because this is my first and last HTC device.
  13. decker39

    decker39 Member

    Those people over at HTC need to make their minds up way way or another about this. They're a bunch of incompetent liars !
  14. Joca

    Joca New Member

    Face it, we (Tattoo owners) have been used to boost HTC Android smartphones, that's why it's the cheapest Android phone around, if you can call cheap the 280 euros i payed for my carrier free Tattoo.

    I bought mine 2 monthes ago as a new cellphone, Vodafone Portugal just released the Tattoo a few days ago and it's already discontinued by HTC...
    My 2 month old android smartphone is already old and discontinued???? You gotta be kidding me.

    I asked HTC about a month ago if i would get a Eclair update and they said they had no plans to do it.

    At that moment i felt betrayed and used (and i still do) by HTC.

    I do understand that 2.1 may be too much for Tattoo (dont know about 2.2) but i did expect to see some updates to fix issues like bluetooth file transfer - i'm using an old 20 buck cellphone (some obscure brand) with bluetooth and a 2mp camera (much better than the 3.2mp Tattoo cam)

    What makes me nervous is that if you visit HTC support website, you will only see the lonely HTC Sync update (so you can sync in windows 7) well this update is useless for me as i uninstalled the old HTC Sync when i found out i had about 6 or so HTC services running on my windows, anyway i'm still able to transfer files in storage mode (not always...).

    I know i wont have 2.1 but i do hope to see some issue fixing updates for my BRAND NEW DISCONTINUED HTC TATTO.

    HTC just "forgot" about Tattoo (owners) and in a few monthes everyone will too, well, everyone but us.

    Someone mentioned HTC Wildfire as beeing similar to Tattoo, well it isn't and if Wildfire is a cheap choice (dont know prices) it's a good choice:

    - Tattoo has an old resistive screen with no multitouch (gotta admit its one of the best resistive screens)
    - Wildfire has Capacitive screen with multi touch (this diference is kinda huge)

    - Tattoo has the worst 3.2mp camera i ever saw with no autofocus and no flash (worst than most 2mp cameras)
    - Wildfire has a nice 5mp camera with autofocus and a great flash

    - Wildfire has some more less important stuff that Tattoo does not like a proximity sensor, light sensor, speech-to-text...

    So watch out HTC you might get burned if you despize your customers like that.
  15. 2n2u

    2n2u New Member


    Fu HTC, so soon I won't buy anything from you 4sure.
  16. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    hello pplz i think its still possible we will recive update we might. just got answer from htc today

    Dear Shahid,

    I understand how important it is to have the latest updates for your device. At this point in time, I have not heard any announcements about new updates for the HTC Tattoo. This does not mean there will not be any, just that nothing specifically has been announced recently. Usually the updates are not announced until they become available. While I do not have any information about updates right now, I can at least help you a bit for the future. I know you state the device was made in Taiwan, but I'd like to make sure we can get you to the exact page that you would go to for any updates to your device. I could best assist you with this if you could reply to me with the serial number of your device. You should be able to find the serial number by removing the battery and looking in the battery compartment on the back of the phone. With this, I can point you in the proper direction for updates.

    To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number .......



  17. sam_cocha

    sam_cocha Member

    Wow, thats very nice! Do you mind if I post this around the web, so people will get some hope again?
  18. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    nop not at all.... spread the word as you like
  19. sam_cocha

    sam_cocha Member

    Oke, nice, did you already sent them your serial number? And so, did you already got a respond? Please keep us updated!
  20. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    i have sent to them just waiting for reply

    n sure i will update here
  21. symond

    symond Well-Known Member

    another positive and hoping msg i got from htc... soo still im having high hope

    sorry for late reply

    Dear Shahid,

    Thank you for your reply. It is a zero in the serial number; we don't use the letter O to avoid confusion. According to the serial number you provided, the device came from Hong Kong and is an English/Multilanguage device. As such, any updates for the device would be found at HTC Tattoo - Software Download. At this time there are not any except for the Sync software, but hopefully there will be some in the near future.

    To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number...



  22. Huw

    Huw Well-Known Member

    Sorry for being a party pooper but I don't see why you guys think that response is so positive. They're not even saying they're working on an update, let alone saying when it might be released. All that CS guy said was "I don't know a thing".
  23. pat punk

    pat punk New Member

    This is what I got back on 25/06/10

    Dear pat Thank you for contacting us. About the problem that you have mentioned with the rom upgrade I can gladly help you with that: Regarding your enquiry about Android 2.2: We cannot comment on what devices may or may not get an update just yet. Any announcements will be made through our Website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. Please keep an eye on these channels for any updates regarding your handset. I trust that this will resolve your query, please do not hesitate to contact us again if required. Thank you for contacting HTC. Best regards, Patricia D HTC

    To send a reply to this message or let me know I have successfully answered your question log in to our ContactUs site using your email address and your ticket number 10GBCW26ENAxxxxxx



  24. steggy13

    steggy13 New Member

    The other day I went into Carphone Warehouse (in the UK) with my HTC Tattoo about a problem with the SD card, he was unable to fix the problem, but he mentioned that I should wait for the 2.1 upgrade, which was coming to all of the HTC phones next month.

    This was the first I heard of this, I read about a 2.1 upgrade, but no information on when, so I wont hold my breath for the 2.1 upgrade.

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