Any (former) Blackberry Users?

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  1. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Well-Known Member

    I still carry my 9700. It is bar non the best I have had in the BB world, and I have had most of them since the 8703.

    My personal phone was a curve (and q9c, and treo pro). It's a toy for me, and it's now an EVO. I completely LOVE this thing. For my use, I now have the perfect combo. The BB is rock solid, and now that I play less than ever on it, the battery is untouchable. The EVO is great. Better battery than my q9c or treo had, better everything than all three put together.

    I may never learn to type on it since I love the voice recognition. :D

  2. kathrynhr

    kathrynhr Well-Known Member

    Came from a Curve 8330. Here's my opinion, FWIW:


    FAR better browser
    FAR better selection of apps
    More personalization available
    Can do most things faster/better once I've figured out how to do them
    No more Blackberry thumb


    Battery lasts about half as long
    Can't do anything one-handed anymore
    No personalized LED notifications - REALLY miss these in a cube farm
    Vibrate not as strong - I can't always feel it through my purse
    No BBM :-(
    Keyboard takes some getting used to

    Also, some really basic things are completely non-intuitive. For example: app switching. Took me forever and forum search to figure out that if you hold down the home key for several seconds, you can see your 6 most recently accessed apps. There have been several little things like this that drove me mad until I figured them out... not cons as much as passing annoyances.

    Overall I'm glad I made the switch. I think things like working my way through some of the new apps and the upcoming Froyo OS will improve my experience.
  3. RandomDent

    RandomDent Member

    I had an AT&T Bold 9000 for work, and I got my Evo on Friday.

    I am pleased with my Evo, and since it is my personal phone, I don't need it for my hardcore emailing like i use my BB.

    What I do miss is the physical keyboard. This is my first touchscreen phone, so I am getting used to not being able to type without looking. I could text out paragraphs worth of emails without looking (and usually while driving) on my BB 9000 with no errors. I have swype on the Evo and I am getting faster, but I don't think I will ever match my BB Bold speeds.

    I also miss BBM. However since I am not using the Evo for work, I don't really need to know if someone read my message, and all my friends are on google talk, so it doesn't really matter.

    Edited to add that I also miss the LED notifications. I have BeBuzz, so I loved that every contact and program has a different LED light.

    Over all I love the Evo, but the Blackberry Bold 9000 will always be my tank of a work email machine.
  4. YamiR6

    YamiR6 Well-Known Member

    I switched from a BB 8330. I enjoyed it but am absolutely in love with my EVO. I love how I am constantly learning new things. I love how with the proper widgets you can fully customize your phone. The possibilities of the EVO are just insnae compared to a BB. I will never go back unless BB comes out with an open source Software.
  5. amsparky

    amsparky Member

    I too am leaving a Curve and couldn't agree more! I am thankful to be back to a touchscreen and while I am still getting used to the size and weight of the phone, I am LOVING Android.

    I was a bit concerned about push email, since I am an author and like to keep up on my book emails during my teaching day, but so far I am using K9 email and it is working out pretty good.
  6. I switched from a Curve 8330 to the Evo.

    Initial impressions are positive ... As just about everyone else has said, the browser is much better, and the overall multi-media experience is awesome.

    That being said, a few things that I'd put in the "con" category
    - As has been mentioned, I miss my flashing LED notifications

    - The default Mail/Messages clients can't show me a unified display of all my messages in one place. (I'm sure there's probably an app out there that fixes this, but I haven't spent too much time looking for it)

    - Battery life is quite a bit worse. I work in a building that has pretty weak cell coverage. I can usually get a signal. At the end of a work day, my BB bat was depleted, but still usable. Yesterday, at the end of the work day, the Evo bat was depleted to the point that the phone turned off ... despite having put it in Airplane mode for ~2 hrs mid day to conserve battery power.

    - Stock alarm clock won't let you use stored mp3 files as the alarm tone. (again, I'm sure there are apps that will, but I haven't discovered them yet)

    Having to buy a new car charger was inconvenient, but not unexpected.
  7. jmp4106

    jmp4106 Active Member

    I had a BB 8310 with ATT and then unlocked it for Tmobile and I also had a G-1. I shattered the screen on my G-1 and had to go back to the BB. I honestly missed android so much i used the shattered screen instead of my BB.. Blackberry has amazing email and BBM. other than that there is nothing better. they're slower and the lack of touch is annoying
  8. DILands

    DILands Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm 56 years old - not quite at Jitterbug stage - but like a physical KB. Here's the issue. I had the Tour. Actually 2, 3, or maybe more Tours. Great KB - but the OS kept crapping out. So, I finally downgraded to the Curve 2. Nice trackpad, better OS (at that point, but the KB sucks. I'm thinking that, at this point, an Evo's virtual KB would be better than the Curve 2's physical one.

    The phones were all exchanged through the Geek Squad Black Tie program at Best Buy. I'm a Premier member - with an upgrade in September - and Sprint keeps telling me to talk to Best Buy because they did the exchanges. I explained about the issue with the SPRINT OS Upgrade - of course - they know nothing of any OS problems. In fact, the guy at Sprint on the phone asked it I took the Tour back to a Sprint store. UMMM - Yes Sir, I did. And. Well sir, they said that since the problem happened after the 30 days, go to Best Buy. . .
  9. Rhonen

    Rhonen Well-Known Member

    This is my exact experience - Android/Evo just does everything else better.
  10. Zellster

    Zellster Active Member

    Bold 9000 ex-user here. 11 years with RIM. I really loved their products once upon a time but they have fallen way back in the advancement category. Their devices do too little and do it too slowly.
  11. OldDogEyes

    OldDogEyes Active Member

    Just moved from Blackberry Curve 1 (8330) to Evo... this is my 1st touchscreen device and that is the biggest hangup so far...

    My impressions:

    • Typing on the EVO's on-screen keyboard isn't as bad as I thought it would be... I'm getting used to it.
    • The search button in the lower right hand corner of the phone (when in portrait position) is awful. I've hit it about 1000 times already -- I guess this is where I gripped by blackberry. Wish I could turn that button off selectively (there is probably an app for that - haven't look yet)
    • With the BB I used Outlook 2003 on my laptop and all the data went straight into the BB via sync very easily. On the EVO, the HTC Sync app only syncs the outlook calendar and address book. So far I haven't found a way to sync the Task List and Notepad (memos) from Outlook into the EVO. Again, there is probably an app for that but I haven't looked.
    • The EVO is much faster -- with a 1ghz processor it better be. The Curve 1 wasn't as bad as other BB's (as far as being underpowered processor wise) but it definitely was no speed demon either. The EVO's speed (and maybe Android is leaner and after than BB, I dunno) is noticeable and enjoyable.
    • My BB used a mini-usb and the EVO uses a micro-usb so I need to get new cables...
    • With the BB I had a inbound email address and on the EVO I have a inbound email address. XXXX is a username picked by me. YYYY is my 10-digit cell number.
    All-in-all, I haven't found any deal breakers as far as missing functionality.
  12. v01rider

    v01rider Well-Known Member

    former crackberry curve. granted, it was the bottom of the line model, IMHO RIM doesn't have anything on HTC/Droid.

    love my evo!!
  13. gmack419

    gmack419 Member

    Former Blackberry Pearl. Loved it. Miss it.

    However, You can't really compare any model BB with an EVO--two completely different creatures. They're designed for different things. That said--No way I could ever leave my EVO.

    Biggest problem i've found so far:
    I can't do a ONE WAY SYNC with my EVO!!! BB Desktop manager let me set the direction of data for synchronizing. HTC Sync won't let you.

    How can I put all my calendar items from work on to my EVO calendar, without the EVO dumping all my personal calendar events into my Outlook work calendar for all my coworkers to see?
  14. i.have.droid

    i.have.droid Well-Known Member

    I had a BB curve. It was great..I loved the keypad. But when you are paying for the net, the EVO deliver so much better. Emails with pics..web pages..apps..everything is far better on the EVO.

    I hate touch screens for texting and emailing. The BB keypad is awesome. To ease this pain, I got swype, and I have to say that finally converted me to touchscreen. Definitley get a swype keyboard or you will go nuts.
  15. DILands

    DILands Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting the EPIC 4G release.
  16. 99980000

    99980000 Member

    Former Curve and Storm user here.... NO REGRETS WHAT-SO-EVER!

    EVO is faster, snappier and just plain "in-line with today's technology". The 7 home screens, and the overall customization, puts the EVO leaps ahead of BB devices.

    That being said, some things I had to get used to (very briefly) were:
    - the lack of a spellchecker before messages are sent (I can't understand why this simple feature is not present)
    - I do believe the BB calendar events feature has a better scheduling component to the EVO's (which is why the BB's are more business driven than the EVO or other makers)

    Perhaps, someone else will find some things they did on their BB that they now cannot, or have to do "differently", on the EVO. But when compared to overall functionality, design, and sizzle, EVO is clearly the winner.

    I also believe the EVO hurdles the iPhone. I know this is for another debate and many will weigh in. My wife has had an Iphone now for several years, so I always had time to play with it, set it up, get apps, etc, etc. I still favored my Storm over the iPhone, but was a bit "jealous" of the coolness of the iPhone. Now that the EVO made it to our household, my wife can't wait for her contract to expire with ATT&T to make the jump. In fact, Sprint's Family Plan on the Everything Data KILLS MOST OTHER PLANS - REGARDLESS OF CARRIER. A total win-win!
  17. 99980000

    99980000 Member

    oh.... and the camera!!!! WAY BETTER THAN ANY BB's CAMERA I HAVE EVER USED!
  18. Msnay8907

    Msnay8907 Member

    The only thing I miss from my BB Tour is the calendar. For example, the BB calendar would allow you to have an event repeat weekly, every MWF from Aug 25 - Dec 17. This was perfect for putting my class schedule in my calendar every semester and the Android calendar doesn't allow you to do this. I haven't found an app that allows you t do it either.

    Besides that I don't miss anything from BB. I didn't use BBM that much so it wasn't an issue for me. I love how many free apps I have and how much better the internet is. I use swype so I don't even miss the keyboard
  19. awilson77584

    awilson77584 Member

    Is it feasible to use google calendar and gmail as your phone calendar and mail apps using the Evo? Also, none of the comments mentioned the tethering/laptop internet service. How is it for practical use? I travel a lot and the hotel networks are more frustrating than useful. I tried using a T-Mobile Rocket. HSPD+ gives good throughput in the 3 - 6Mb range. I popped the 5Gb cap in two days, so I took it back. I use Mozy to backup my MBP while traveling. I live in a 4G service area so home/around town use should be good. How is the internet service outside of a 4Gb service area. Does it use HSPD+ to aggregate multiple 3G circuits to give a near-4G experience?

  20. billowred

    billowred Member

    I had storm 2 the evo is just on a whole new level.
  21. simonversion04

    simonversion04 New Member

    I came from a Pearl, loved BBM and the fact that I could chuck the thing across a room and it would be completely unharmed.
  22. Misbehavin'

    Misbehavin' Well-Known Member

    Yes. You can setup a Google account to sync, just as you can an Exchange account. I have both Exchange an Google setup, and my calendars from both show together. I actually have my Exchange calendar, as well as 14 Google calendars syncing to my device. It works very well, as long as you don't edit an existing appointment. There's a bug in the calendar app.

    You can tether wirelessly. However, you probably want to think about what you'll be doing with it ahead of time. Do you want wireless tether? If so, you'll need to root or pay the Sprint $30 fee.

    If you're looking for USB tether options, there are apps that will help you achieve this, or again you can pay Sprint. You can achieve USB tethering without rooting.

    Your speeds will vary with coverage. It's really impossible to provide you much information there. I've seen anything from excellent speeds north of 6 Mbits, to speeds that equal diap-up. It all depends upon the coverage and your signal. You won't use multiple 3G circuits.
  23. Cash--

    Cash-- New Member

    Heh, Me too!
    I have been using swype till it expired yesterday, now im using a trial of slideIT. I can't seem to be able to buy the paid version not sure why.

    The only complaints that I have about my evo, is that when im on the phone with someone, if i get a text message, the alert is so loud that it about deafens me. I like the loud alert, just not when the phone is next to my head.

    The way blackberrys' contact list worked was also good, there was a field for company information, and say i needed to call my budweiser rep, i could start typing budweiser and that would tell me the rep's name (cause yeah i forget names alot....) Now I have to remember names.

    I love my evo tho, I don't have to mess with the picky trackball, and browsing is soooo much better, and texting is easier than a keyboard with swype style apps.
  24. Thomcat99

    Thomcat99 Member

    My trial swype beta expired yesterday too. I just deleted it and then downloaded it again. Make sure you go back into settings and make it your default keyboard, and be aware that you have to run the tutorial to regain full functionality. I would be happy to pay for Swype, but apparently it's still not possible. Until then I'll just continue to download the beta.
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  25. Cash--

    Cash-- New Member

    I never thought to re download it. For that matter, I can't remember where I got it. Where did you download it?

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