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Battery 1600mahAccessories

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  1. Sloper59

    Sloper59 Member

    Has anyone managed to pay for one of these successfully?

    I pressed the BIN button, but the seller's checkout page wouldn't allow me to enter my county and wouldn't process the order. I emailed the guy, no response.

    I just tried to pay again, via the invoice he emailed, and now his checkout page doesn't give any shipping options, and still refuses to process my order!

  2. Leong428

    Leong428 Member

    Anyone else tried the 1600MAh babies?
    The DHD is so powerful and fun to use it's really agonizing to restrain myself from using it just to conserve battery when i'm out.

    Go pothers! lol
  3. dvhttn

    dvhttn Well-Known Member

    I'd be careful with this one. If you put the battery code from the image into google you get HTC hits, but for a 1200mAh unit.

  4. Pothers

    Pothers Well-Known Member

    Having charged the battery over night, I used it in my DHD yesterday for about 12hrs until I got home from work and needed to take it out to charge my original battery.

    I'm not a heavy user but I listened to some music for about 80 - 90mins, Angry birds for about 60mins, a couple of txt and a few mins web. I have WiFi, 3g and auto sync ON and GPS OFF.When I removed the battery it was at 26%. Not bad for a first charge and no problems using it... BUT.

    Now I don't think this was due to the battery ( or maybe I'm being a bit nieve ) but once my original batt had charged I replaced it with the 1600mah and turned my DHD back on and it threw a wobbly.

    I say a wobbly, everything worked except, the clock from the main home page had disappeared, some of my icons had gone and on one page I had a superimposed image of what I think was the calculate and the location widget. I tried several turn on/off but nothing worked so I had to do a factory reset. By the way when I was charging my HTC batt I had removed my sim so I could still get txt/call using my old nokia but I can't see that that would have caused any problems.

    Now this is what really impressed me. After setting up my gmail and HTCsense profiles all my apps were automatically reloaded, all my contacts and messages reloaded ( from HTCsense.com I think, Yes my HTCsense is up and running and has been for almost a week now ). And my phone is working as it was. Very happy. ( but still to retry the battery from ebay ).
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  5. Leong428

    Leong428 Member

    That sounds a bit dodgy, hard to imagine the battery could cause a software issue like that. Do keep us posted pothers, your feedback is very much appreciated :)
  6. Brewster0101

    Brewster0101 Well-Known Member

    I noticed you took the sim out. I did this once on my DHD and swopped briefly for a different network sim. (I wanted to test the different data speeds) Worked fine, but when I put my original sim back in my phone threw a nutter. Phone was not behaving, home screens were all messed up. I factory reset and all fine since.
  7. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    hey pothers, looking forward to todays report on the new batt, tbh, i think we all are! lol

    cheers for being our lil trooper dude! :p
  8. Pothers

    Pothers Well-Known Member

    Eddiewawa - I feel really guilty now as I haven't got round to using the battery from ebay today, been really busy achieving nothing at work:(

    I will try and make a concerted effort over the weekend to continue with the testing, if not for me then for my many followers:D

    Brewster0101 - Thanks for this, I was hoping it was the taking out of sim that had caused the problems and your experience seems to confirm that.
  9. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    np dude, tell me about it lol your simply a leg-end for doing this in the 1st place so no rush dude, just enjoy your weekend and we'll look forward to the field report on Monday :)
  10. Brewster0101

    Brewster0101 Well-Known Member

    Tuesday perhaps?? :)
  11. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    its tuesday!!! :) only just noticed this got moved! lol
  12. Pothers

    Pothers Well-Known Member

    My apologies for being 24hrs late.:rolleyes:

    I put the 1600mah batt back in my DHD on friday evening to charge it overnight. It was used on Saturday to make a few short calls, couple of txts, few mins web & android market and about 30mins on angry birds. By late evening it was down to about 10% so went back on charge over Saturday night.

    Sunday was much the same as far as usage, maybe no so long on phone calls but the battery actually lasted til mid afternoon on Monday before I had to put it charge in the car so it would last the day out.

    Again it was charged over last night and will need charging again tonight but I haven't used it very much today so not sure why it's drained so much today.

    I tend to have Wifi, 3G & auto update on during the day and turn all 3 off if I dont have to charge overnight.

    I can't see how this is a 1600mah when it's not lasting anylonger than the standard HTC battery but at
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  13. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

  14. CheesyPeteza

    CheesyPeteza Well-Known Member

    Mine arrived yesterday. It is exactly the same size as the original. I'll give it a week of use before I do a test to be fair to it, but using it yesterday it seemed to be about as good as the original battery.

    I plan on turning everything on, GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, Brightness 100% and then playing some videos to see how long it lasts with the original battery and the replacement. I had a look on the app store but I couldn't find any that would drain the battery.
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  15. kungura

    kungura Well-Known Member

    yea i bought a 1500 mah from ebay for about 8 pounds. I tried it out for a week, then when I decided to go back to the 'inferior' htc battery, i was surprised that it lasted much longer!!! weird
  16. downey667

    downey667 Active Member

    So these batterys are fake then?
  17. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    is there a difference in like battery materials used? e.g. lithium-ion or nickel-metal hydride? i.e. if both are the same mAh, could one last longer than the other?
  18. Savory

    Savory New Member

    anyone got a link to a battery that i should be getting?
  19. joysleep

    joysleep Member

    What i want to know is that ae these replacement battieries safe?
    I dont mind if they are not that much better. But are they safe to put into the phone. Is it going to damage the phone in any way. Because i want a replacement battery. I just cant decide whether to buy a genuine one or one from this site:
    Twin Pack High Capacity Replacement 1600mAh batteries for HTC Desire HD > Memory Cards, Memory Sticks & More

    They say that they have a high capacity. Does any1 know whether the batteries on that website look OK. Would you buy from them?
    Any info would be appreciated
  20. PrideLeader

    PrideLeader Active Member

    ^ That website has a green rating from web of trust ( firefox extension ), so I think the website is trusthworthy. Whether the item in question is, is a different matter. Not much help, sorry budd.
  21. llaw019

    llaw019 New Member

    Hey CheesyPeteza, any update yet on the supposedly 1600mAh desire HD battery from ebay? any over-heating, problem etc? Hows the battery life compare to the original on?

    Btw, sorry I am new to this but why are Mugen batteries better if they are the same as the original one (the only Mugen one for desire HD i can find is 1300mAh...)

  22. Leong428

    Leong428 Member

    Hei everyone, I decided to give the 1500 and 1600mAh batteries a go since for travelling my space htc battery wouldn't even do. Getting another htc one would be too expensive, so i opted for the cheapo ones.

    So to recap, i now have 2 original htc batteries, a 1500 and a 1600mAh one.

    The results on my DHD are a little surprising. The 1500 really does last longer than the original 1230mAh ones; but the 1600mAh seems to perform similar or even slightly poorer than the 1230.

    I have been having these batteries for almost 2 weeks now. Regarding my use, I have mobile connection on all the time, syncing is reduced to 4 hours for weather and 8 hours for other applications (tweetdeck, mail etc). I use whatsapp constantly and listen to music for a total of an hour (2 bus trips).

    I will report back if there are any changes, but for the moment these batteries have perform consistently.

    In conclusion, (from my findings) 1500>1230>=1600
  23. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    Have written a post about this in another thread, but I'll rewrite it here. I emphasize the part in bold, italic and underlined!

    The ONLY official battery for the DHD from HTC, is the 1230mAH battery. There is no official battery from HTC for the DHD with 1500 or 1600 mAH. Using these batteries will void your guarantee, and if they fit into the DHD battery slot and are marked as either 1500 or 1600 mAH, they are fake relabelled 1230 mAH batteries. Why would HTC only make a 1230 mAH battery for the DHD, if a similar sized battery could do 1500 or 1600 mAH? Please give me an explanation that is reasonable for that? It's people who found out that this hoacks makes money, because people are unhappy with the battery capacity of the DHD (for those who don't use the phone properly, don't condition the battery, or use it very heavily). But I (and many others) don't have any issue with the DHD battery, and with normal usage after the "oh it's a new smart phone" period, I get 2-3 days out of my DHD.

    And it's not a problem for these people to do this relabel and selling, as it is hard to prove the information given about the battery was wrong. It is very hard to test the capacity of a battery, and no normal people would be able to do so. It requires pretty high tech lab equipment. If the performance is poor, the seller will just blame you didn't condition the battery correctly, or that something else is faulty, and you can't counter prove that easily. So all I can say is be careful in buying these batteries. I'd say they do more harm than good overall most likely...

    However, your experience of the supposed 1500 mAH battery, might be due to better conditioning of the battery, which makes quite a difference.
  24. llaw019

    llaw019 New Member

    Hi there

    Just so you know, there are heavy users out there and believe it or not, sometimes we actually leave our home for adventures in the wilderness we call the streets! Sometime we may be out and away from a power source for too long, if you ever work double over time or even an all-nighter you will know... you may also be on the run from places to place, unless you want to ask your bus / taxi driver for the ciggy-lighter plug to charge you phone, even that means carrying a car/usb charger with you all the time! Wouldn't it be great to have an extra 10-12 hours of battery time just by carrying something that could fit in your wallet?

    The thing is, I dont really care if those cheap batteries are not labeled correctly, I dont care if they ARE just 1230mAh incorrectly labeled as 1600mAh. That really isnt the issue. The issue is we need extra time with our phones because everyone use their phone differently, just because some get 2 days out of it doesnt mean other do too. May be he/she need a regular update on their email and, not alot of people know about this function, they may actually CALL their clients constantly! Yet they require a large screen to practice their powerpoint presentation or just wanted to relax a little on the bus after a bloody long day of work by reading a electronic book and to listen to some music at the same time (I get bus-sick without some music during the ride). We have plenty to worry and concern about as it is now with our lives, we dont need to worry about constantly monitoring and trying to conserve the battery on our phone! An extra cheapo battery that does the same job or slightly worse than the original one would give you peace of mind that you have an extra lifeline! (whether it be phone a friend or 50/50!:p)

    Like I said, the actual current on the battery is not too much of a concern, the worry is if it will over heat, short-circuit on you phone etc that can damage you electronics. Thats what I and many others would like to know about these batteries...

  25. Gardium

    Gardium Well-Known Member

    Really... :( there is no need to be condescending or rude... :confused: I have a life, and I know what real life is and to be outside out of my house. I use my phone as well on the go and when I have to/want to...

    All I stated was that these are fake, and probably not really authorized to use as they are labelled, thus you can lose your warranty (one thing that I personally would like to keep on such an expensive phone if something should happen, because if you do something that breaks warranty, then the insurance company can use the same reasoning to not give you insurance if something should happen to it).

    I understand that people have different needs from the phone, but I wrote for "me (and many others)"... and by that I mean moderate users. I forgot to write this part, but I have understanding there are heavy users out there. I never claimed otherwise. But for heavy users that constantly use their phone (and not just because they have a "oh its a new smart phone" period), I'd maybe not recommend getting a DHD, as it is such a power monster. My tip to heavy users that insist on having the DHD, is to buy an officially labelled and approved HTC battery, and not a possible fake one that might ruin it.

    As for the actual battery on display here, I have no idea what it does to the phone, but I stick to my orignal statement and advice not to use them.

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