Best DUAL SIM android phone?

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  1. PeterBell

    PeterBell Active Member

    Well, I hope to find out soon. I ordered my G14 on Friday, but had to pay by wire transfer from UK - still waiting to hear when my payment arrives.

    Anyway, I asked etotalk to 'do whatever they can to minimise the tax bill'. I know that they do offer to understate the price on the commercial invoice. Also, for an extra US$, they will ship in a plain box. I requested shipping by EMS (US$32).

    The last international shipment I received was of similar value (~US$300), but was a large package (approx 20" x 8" x 8") which came from the states via USPS/Philippine Post and did not attract any attention from customs!

  2. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    Is gps as good as qualcom's? I had the w7272 and the gps was clearly less precise (error of 30m iso 5m). It has the MTK6573 chipset as well.
  3. pwel

    pwel Well-Known Member

    XT532 is now also at; at taobao, there were 4 ads yesterday. It seems to be taking off!
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  4. polvo

    polvo Active Member

    cute specs, I must say :)

  5. zau

    zau New Member

    I used it yesterday while in a car and it was very accurate, the error seemed to be of 2-5m.:)

    The lock for the first use was very slow, but after that it didn't take long to get a fix again.

    The calls seem to be the biggest problem, at least with my phone. I will try to do more calls and see if this behavior still persists
  6. Cecilsoares

    Cecilsoares Member

    Has anyone got their hands on motorola xt317 ?

    I realize it's not a very good cpu but as far as I've seen it's the only decent android dual sim with qwerty keyboard, and I simply don't seem to get used to virtual keyboards.
  7. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    after a first replacement for dust under glass, viewsonic sent to me a second v350 and then 3 black lines appear, so they replaced again with a refurbished one.
    but this one doesn't work since first turn on. touch screen is unusable.
    good job viewsonic!! don't buy it!!!
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  8. Jerome5

    Jerome5 Member

    Here's a link I haven't spotted before on the XT317.
    Price around 290 euros.

    How about keeping your business and private contacts / email separated?
    I have 2 exchange account (1 private 1 business). Can I keep those two different accounts so Android doesn't mix them up?
  9. fazaragoza

    fazaragoza Member

    ok. please keep me posted when your g14 arrives. im hesitant at thos point to purchase online since its holiday season and based on write ups ive searched taxes are so high for cellphones when your package is held up in customs. you have to pick it up in pasay.

  10. PeterBell

    PeterBell Active Member

    Okay, I will do, though ....

    ... that would make it expensive, when I live on Mindanao!

    Surely, the reason for using/paying for a courier service is that they will do all the processing etc.

    Ah well, we will see!
  11. KimDK

    KimDK Member

    Try google Philips X9320. Seems to be one of the best dual sim smartphone with also a very good camera. I just can find a place to buy it yet.
  12. HOzPet

    HOzPet New Member

    Does anyone here have the full instruction of how to remove "caivs.apk" from a B63M android 2.3.4 phone? I want to know how to root the phone.

    Thanks in advance!
  13. drsnuggles

    drsnuggles Well-Known Member

    Nice :). Can't find any specs yet, but I like the idea of having an A brand. Although in reality it's still made in Shenzhen.
  14. zau

    zau New Member


    No I'm from Portugal, I ordered it using EMS shipping and it arrived very fast and without any stop at customs.

    I don't think there's a new firmware for this phone at the moment. Unless it uses the same firmware as G11i. I'm waiting for a reply from support.
  15. Andromin

    Andromin New Member

    I want to buy Lenovo A60. I know that its memory is limited, but does it affects the fluidity of navigation of the phone?
    Is there any other drawbacks?

    Thank you
  16. Crake

    Crake Well-Known Member

  17. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    it a dual sim? i can see only one slot. named sim and not sim1
  18. baalco

    baalco Member

  19. KimDK

    KimDK Member

    Another dual sim is ZTE U960. It has very nice specification. 4,3", 5.0 camera and 4 gb rom. But i think i wait for the Philips X9320...
  20. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    yes, good phone, but is not clear if it is a scdma o wcdma....
  21. KimDK

    KimDK Member

    Yea. wcdma on one sim and GSM on the other would be nice.. If Philips X9320 not have that i think i would buy ZTE U960. It have:
    SIM1 suppprts TD-SCDMA/GSM
    SIM2 supports WCDMA/GSM

    Is there anyone here who have the ZTE U960? I would like to hear if there is any problem with that phone...??
  22. chamaruco

    chamaruco Well-Known Member

    according to your info, you.'ll have a monosim in europe.
  23. jago25_98

    jago25_98 Well-Known Member

    Many of you probably have 2 sims for different call rates.

    What about people who are using one for calls and one for data?

    Here in Argentina there is only 1 prepay data provider and it's massively expensive. This means anyone moving in and out of the country regularly has to pay for a contract they can't really use.

    I was thinking of using the 2nd simslot with a Kindle Whispernet sim (!) since I only need Blackberry push emails. But I don't think this would work...
  24. mroki

    mroki New Member

    I need help, would like to buy a dual sim phone.
    I am traveling a lot and I'd like to use 3g internet and calls on two sim cards.

    at home
    sim 1 - slovakia, T-com; calls, 3g internet
    sim 2 - germany, Vodafone; only for calls

    in gernamy
    sim 1 - slovakia, T-com; only for calls
    sim 2 - germany, Vodafone; calls, 3g internet

    Both sim cards should be active all the time (sometimes I am working over 3g net and I need to call while I am on line) - if I am using 3g net and getting a call the net can not be dropped and a line can not be busy.

    I do not need conference call in between two sim cards.

    Thanks for advices,
  25. Jerome5

    Jerome5 Member

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