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  1. Nagrom

    Nagrom Well-Known Member

    I've been getting this error, but at a weird time. When my phone is plugged into my car charger, and I switch off the engine BEFORE unplugging it, then I get this error. No other time do I get it.



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  2. Trevstan

    Trevstan New Member

    Hi all first post but this seemed a nice forum to ask some questions.

    About 2 weeks ago my phone developed a fault as in where it thought the charger was getting plugged in and pulled out (was making the beep noise) so i cleaned out the usb port and it disappeared for about a week.

    For the last week it came back so thought i would upgrade to ICS to see if that helped, seems to have made it worse as Charging paused. Voltage too high is popping up everytime battery is draining very quickly.

    I have read about on many fourms (Including these) and i have read that it is a USB port fault and it needs replaced.

    The question i have is the phone is less that 6 month old and i got it from Phones4u i have read that if i send to Phones4u they is a good chance that they will tell me it has been water damaged... I could also send it direct to Samsung (Has anyone had any dealing with Samsung direct? Do they supply postage for the phone etc?)

    Or i could try and repair it myself since i think i know the problem is the USB port, however would that void any warranty that is on the device?

    Any input would be great as atm i am having to us a Motorola Razr :(.

    Thanks Trev.
  3. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hi Trev welcome to AF.

    Do you think it might have been water damaged? Suggest you check the moisture indicators. Should be one on the back of the phone under the battery, and one on the battery itself with Samsung phones. They're usually a small white square or circle. If they're white, Phones4U should not tell you that it's water damaged. On the other hand if they're pink or red coloured, the phone is water/liquid damaged and the warranty is void.

    I've had no experience of either dealing with Phones4U or Samsung regarding warranty claims. However I would suggest you take it up with Phones4U first, as they supplied the phone. I wouldn't try doing it yourself just yet, not unless the warranty is void and you basically have nothing to lose then.

    It might not be the USB port, could even be a faulty battery. Maybe a dead or shorted cell, you did say it's draining very quickly.
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  4. Trevstan

    Trevstan New Member

    Hi your most probably right of going down the warranty route as it has never seen any water so they is no reason why they shouldn't fix it.

    I have tried my dads battery in my phone and it still throws up the same problem.

    I have looked where you said for the moisture indicators and can't see them.
  5. g0ggs123

    g0ggs123 New Member

    Thought I would add my version of this problem, have been reading ALL of these related posts and it would seem that it is a common problem across all networks

    So I got my phone a couple of months ago with Vodafone and just recently it started saying charging paused too high voltage and would drain rapidly.

    I sent it back for repair but they said it was water damaged, not by the indicators but by a change in colour of the metal on the usb port (corrosion)

    Now if the phone has never been in water (indicators dont show this) then how the heck does vodafone say that this is due to the user. After 2 months of normal use I have a phone which is unusable because Samsung used cheap material or bad design which meant that the usb port corrodes at an unusual rate and effects the circuitry.

    They haven't even proved that that change in colour is corrosion and that it is this that is creating the problem. Absolutely ridiculous!!!!!!!

    All those who have this problem, you are getting mugged. After paying nearly 1000 for the phone and contract you have to worry about getting another phone. What a joke.

    There is no solution to this problem other than paying an extortionate rate (
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  6. j4g3d

    j4g3d Member

    Well guys, if you want it fixed follow my steps in the original post.

    Obviously starting from the free ways first.

    Of course though, i strongly think this error can pop up for various reasons... Corrupt data, dodgey charging board, water damage, physical damage..ect. So it may not work for all. But for me its worked and the error has NOT come back after 1 month!.
  7. Trevstan

    Trevstan New Member

    Yeah i have read a few stories i think sending it direct to Samsung alot of people have more luck so i will most likely go down that route.

    The phone itself is still a worker just the damn pop up message every 1 min (Sometimes the phone corrects itself and its fine till i next plug in the cable to charge)... Its crazy that they could skip over the usb port so much that this fault happens and it seems quite common.

    Watched a youtube video and it seems a quite easy repair (I fix computers for a living this just looks like a smaller version)... So at worst i could repair it myself but does the phone have any warranty stickers on it? Or if opening it will void the warranty fullstop?
  8. g0ggs123

    g0ggs123 New Member

    No warranty would be void until u actually start taking stuff out and replacing which u wud be in this case.

    Samsung wont repair it either :(

    I will just have to repair it then sell and get something which isnt samsung EVER again untill they move away from stupid mini usb slots and poor software
  9. Trevstan

    Trevstan New Member

    So you have took it to a Samsung repair centre and were told the same thing?
  10. CafeKampuchia

    CafeKampuchia Well-Known Member

    Thread moved to the Samsung Galaxy S2 forum. Thanks ;)
  11. vkacker

    vkacker New Member

    Could you please tell me, how you have solved this Problem.. I am getting this error from last 3 days.. When I went to Samsung customer center then they told me that its due to water moisture.. However my phone never went into water.. They asked me 2500 Rs to fix this problem..

    Could you pls tell me, how I can fixed this problem myself.. else which Service center, where they can fixed this problem in DELHI..

  12. shelllar

    shelllar New Member

    I had same problem after installing ICS. Sprint replaced phone and after a few days it is doing same thing. the only way I can keep it from running down my battery is to leave error message and turn screen off. Otherwise the screen stays on with message or comes back with message. Haven't seen solution yet?
  13. shelllar

    shelllar New Member

    The problem is ICS. Sprint gave me new phone and after a few days did same thing. Not moisture or your fault.
  14. TheBack80

    TheBack80 New Member

    I'm having the same problems as everyone else. Plus I'm not able to turn off my phone. When I try, it just reboots.

    I went on Samsung's web site to try and complain, but couldn't find a way. I also couldn't find a store in my area. Does anyone have a link or email address to Samsung's customer service department? I want to give them a piece of my mind. If I can't get in touch with someone to resolve this, it will be the last product I ever buy from them.

    Don't these companies realize how much bad customer service affects their bottom line?
  15. marisha

    marisha New Member

    How you root your device? And i can't calibrate my galaxy tab 2 7.0, because the battery can't be charged 100%, any suggestion?
  16. seniorLopez

    seniorLopez New Member

    Hi everyone,
    i was having the same problem as everyone else until yesterday and i thought it would be helpful, to at least one person, to share my solution. after two weeks with this problem i finally gave up and bought a galaxy rugby and it occured to me to try the rugbys battery on my s2(since they are the same size). this fixed the problem immidiately and whenever i put the original s2 battery back on the problem comes back. so it seems like the problem is with the battery. however, the batteries might be the same size but the specs(?) are not the same. the original s2 has a "3.7 V Li-ion BATTERY 6.11 Wh" and the rugby has a "3.7 V Li-ion BATTERY 5.55Wh". i dont know if this will cause long term consequences but it has fixed the problem.
  17. Rocco3366

    Rocco3366 Active Member

  18. chorrylan

    chorrylan New Member

    I have suffered with this intermittently for over a year. The problem in my case at least was related to the humidity; with low humidity it functioned happily; as the humidity increased it got correspondingly worse.
    so.. what's the humidity been like for that month of perfect operation?

    I use past-tense here because I took the phone with me to Queensland, Australia a bit over a month ago with super humidity and non-stop rain for days: the problem reappeared on cue and escalated to the point where it burnt out the LCD.

    To top it off I just got a response back from Samsung warranty service saying they can't/won't repair the phone "due to damage caused to the LCD" wtf????

    If I hadn't already bought an S3 to use whilst waiting for the warranty response this would have been the last Samsung device I would ever buy; this problem is common enough they should be issuing a recall to fix them rather than just relying on the weather.
  19. bigrussdaddy

    bigrussdaddy New Member

    I have a ridiculous routine I go through.

    1. Before unplugging I power down the phone.
    2. After shutting down I wait for the battery indicator to start
    3. While phone is still plugged up I boot up the phone
    4. As soon as I see the welcome screen I unplug the phone.

    This gets rid of the message but a pain in the ass to go through.
  20. j4g3d

    j4g3d Member

    Its been now over 2 months and the problem has NOT come back.

    When i first updated as per my steps above the weather was about 16c, but before i followed the steps above i got this error message constantly. The weather now is between 18c and 29c and fairly humid.

    In my case it certainly is not a humidity problem.

    Like i say you may have a different cause but throwing up the same problem.
  21. Dr Fun

    Dr Fun New Member

    (Samsung Galaxy 2 - rooted)

    Greeting folks,

    I have the issue of receiving the "voltage too high - disconnect from charger" after it is removed from charger - just like many of the other posters.

    In my case, I know what caused the issue but do not know the correct or most methodical way to perform a fix. A miki of vodka on my coffee table had fallen over and spilled unbeknownst to myself, and when discovered my bottom of phone was wet lying in the thin "puddle" - after perhaps 20-30 minutes. It was the wetness / Mr voddy that caused the phone to malfunction.

    I left the phone, face up and with battery removed and cover off over night (as one is directed to do with a laptop (but which would also include removing the hard drive and all other removable devices) and when I restarted the phone 10 hours later, it exhibited the "voltage too high" with a flashing battery icon and notifying beeps.

    The phone appears to work fine well plugged into the charger.

    So, knowing that it was definitely a "moisture incident" that led to this, I am thinking that I need to either clean something OR maybe do something with the battery as suggested by our friend who discharged his battery to 17% twice and then (and I need help on this part) "reset" or "reprogrammed" the battery?

    Many thanks for any help :p
  22. paulwhiteley

    paulwhiteley New Member

    The usb charge point is contaminated causing a short circuit it aint nothing to do with softwareor rom
    Upgrades .its a physical electrical short circuit.i have had mine under a high powered optical lense and the units all greeny blue coloured showing sume kind of metalorgic breakdown.bad design dirt n moisture get in due to no dust cover chemical reaction takes place on mini usb port and thats tour problem new usb port required.
  23. j4g3d

    j4g3d Member

    In your case i would personally clean all contacts and replace the charging board, i dont know where you are from but in GBP it is about 4.99. Easy and cheap fix. While you have the phone open check the board to see if it has corrosion from the liquid damage on the board, if so clean/brush away.
  24. vickygautam

    vickygautam New Member

    I used to get this alert once in a while when I disconnected the charging plug from my S2. And today it was as if it was a permanent behavior of the phone. Thanks to all you guys on AndroidForums! I fixed this with out spending a penny. It was so simple.

    I cleaned the charging port with a small needle. It did have dusts and other stuffs on it. I also bent the pin to bring it to the center position with little pressure. The pin had bent to the lower side a bit. And I did all this with my phone switched on with blinking battery icon and at one time the blinking icon gave up. It was all stable and I switched off the phone to check the weird 'no switch off' issue. The phone did not switch on by itself. I guess I may have found the solution to this problem on my phone.

    It's no way related to ICS or any other software. It's a hardware issue!!!
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  25. togtim

    togtim New Member

    Ok here's a new angle on this Galaxy s2 is 3 months old.I installed Icecream sandwich over the weekend after having gingerbread. Suddenly I have this same problem error message. Coincidence or not?

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