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  1. SubaruB4

    SubaruB4 Well-Known Member

    I had Sprint post paid for 2 years until I had a hardship.. the account went into collections.. Anyways I paid it off and I got curious I went to the sprint website and got as far as where you enter in your credit card info and it shows the total due in the window to the right, I saw nothing about a deposit.. is that true or does it show at a later date?

    I was looking at a single line the Samsung GS3

  2. timelord65

    timelord65 Well-Known Member

    Did they prompt you to enter your social security #, if you did and everything proceeded ok, you most likely past the credit check. If your serious about signing up, just finish the process. If a security deposit does eventually come up, agree to pay it, or simply abort the process.

    I'm not a Sprint costumer, but I supposed its the same procedure for all the carriers.
  3. SubaruB4

    SubaruB4 Well-Known Member

    yeah I had to put in my ssn, I was just curious.
  4. shadowspawn

    shadowspawn Well-Known Member

    The security deposit is a credit thing. It has nothing to do with a past-due balance. For example:

    Say you are just out of high school and finally want to open up a new line for yourself but you have no credit. Sprint will most likely approve you for 2 lines with a $100 deposit on both phones so if you were to get a GS3 on sale, you'd be paying the $49 plus the $100 deposit for a total of $149 plus tax. If you stick with sprint and show good faith that you will make your payments on time, that $100 deposit will be credited back to you in the form of balance deductions from your bill starting on the 12th month IIRC.

    Now say that you had an account with Sprint and you pulled out after the first 12 months of service with 12 months left on your contract. You would have to pay off the balance with sprint which may be somewhere around $500 plus the deposit if your credit was adversely affected by the incident which may be $300 plus the cost of the phone for $49. That would bring your total to $849 but, as with the previous incident, if you were to stick out your contract, that $300 deposit would be credited back to you over time.

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