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  1. xrae21

    xrae21 New Member

    Koenigsegg Agera R level 9, 11.689 average 11.682 best 1/2 mile tune also works well for 1/4 mile. I don't mind sharing this for two reasons 1. Screw anyone that tries to charge for a tune and 2. I'm uninstalling because of the influx of cheaters & game hacks. Anyways I won 70 to 80% of my level 9 races against non cheaters using this tune I came up with. 5500 to 6000rpm start, NOS 2nd gear, Shift on green light on gears 1-4, 5th to 6th gear shift just before red light, 6th to 7th shift when red light comes on. You can play around with exact shift times but that

  2. jetlords

    jetlords New Member

    liking the need for speed shift!
  3. powerdedo

    powerdedo New Member

    zonda is perfect car = 7.8, even cheaters cant get this car. ive seen so many of them, long nitro, speed hacks, hehehe... why you need hacks and cheats if the only point in this game is to realize your best tune using your own mind.
  4. mari133

    mari133 New Member

    Anyone have a tune for the S2000 at level 1 for 1/2 mile?
  5. Rud1

    Rud1 Member

    All the noobs are today 4 sum reason, and 896 wit the venom it jus hapnd overnight
  6. jims327

    jims327 New Member

    trying to get my 1/4 mile down to mid 9's, No matter what I do with the "Tune" i can't seen to get below a 10.4 in the 1/4, Tried to mod the gearing to

    Final 4.5
    1st 3.11
    2nd 2.05
    3rd 1.40
    4th 1.1
    5th .9
    nitrous at 100%

    using my boost in 3rd and 4th gear this does not help but 3rd gear seems to run a little faster, am I wasting my time on this car ?
  7. NoFa7e

    NoFa7e New Member

    Am I the only one having troubles with the Pro League? I'm winning races in level 4, but not getting any respect, cash, or rank. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. cerco27

    cerco27 New Member

    My S200 runs 15.765. I am at level 3 trying to defeat the boss. i cannot get the right tune. ive been trying for weeks. i dnt like asking for help because people have done it without help. i just want to advance plzzzz help:)
  9. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    What's the fastest car for lvl 9 1/4m I don't care about the tuning can figure that out myself ... but before I waste all my hard earned caching on the wrong car anyone got some answers :)
  10. bigmand

    bigmand New Member

    Is there anyway you can help me with the tuning??
  11. British Prick

    British Prick Member

    Ferrari FXX , 7.599 so far.
  12. British Prick

    British Prick Member

    Got the M3 figured out, thanks anyway.

  13. gennick1236

    gennick1236 New Member

    dont try to beat the bosses with low basic level (a lvl 1) do what i did buy a higher lvl car like a ferrari 599 and just buy standard upgrades (no need to waste the rp on maxing it just yet) as this will olny work up to level 6then you need to max out and tune
  14. Pimp Stick

    Pimp Stick Member

    Alright, someone please help me. I have done everything I can think of with my Zonda at lvl 8, but can not break 8.159 on the quarter, and 11.937 on the 1/2... I'm getting the doors blown off me by other zonda's doing 7.9xx and 11.6xx...... PLEASE HELP!!!

    Mods are as follows:
    Engine 5
    Turbo 3
    Exhaust 5
    Nitro 4
    Weight 3
    Tires 4

    And I'm pretty sure if I add anything, it will take me to level 9, which I do not want to do.
  15. powerdedo

    powerdedo New Member

    Zonda lvl8
    You need these settings.
    So when you start you run 1gear till 3-4k, push second, then 3rd + nitro at 7k, 4 - perfect shift,
  16. beerosaur

    beerosaur New Member

    Hi all, been playing a couple of weeks and can't seem to make any headway with my Aero Level 9. It's pretty fast and beats alot of people, but a lot of people beat me too! LOL...

    Here's what I have and I'm turning about 11.245s, I'd like to get to the 11.19 area. I can't seem to figure where to squeeze the time... here's the setup up..


    N 2/150
    FD 2.205
    1 2.2
    2 1.815
    3 1.4
    4 1.250
    5 1.140
    6 1.0

    I don't necessarily need a tune, but some tips about where to look would be good. I'm doing second gear starts, nitrous into 3rd and perfs after.

  17. mikexdeath

    mikexdeath New Member

    I need help i rite now using a bugatti veryron 16.4 the frist version from the sport series n i want to know what the best settings to tune it to and how to use it pro :) add meh xmikexdeathx
  18. Italian Pony

    Italian Pony Member

    Hi, does anyone have a good setup for an Aston Level 5.
    I need upgrade levels and gear ratios.
    Currently running 14.35x is my fastest but have seen 14.1xx.

    Thanks, Strapon0 now called Pantyhose dude. ;)
  19. Araviel

    Araviel Member

    best racing game ever on mobile !
  20. Pimp Stick

    Pimp Stick Member

    I'm running 11.660 with my lvl 8 zonda :)

    however, I am in desperate need of a lvl 6 lambo set up that can run better than an 8.695 1/4 and 13. 694 1/2... I can't beat my stupid co-worker, lol

    and a lvl 7 NR 599 tune that can run 8.560....
  21. Ls1Man

    Ls1Man New Member

    Im trying to run faster than a 9.597 in a viper.. But im trying to keep it level 5.. Anyone knows a good tune for it? thanks Or is anyone running close to what im running.. atm my fastest time is a 9.65
  22. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    Try changing your mode to 4-4-3-4-5-5 my zonda runs 11.6 1/2's with that and 7.9 1/4's... as for the tune im still working on my rank so can't say that yet :p... but I can tell you that I run 2 seperate tunes for 1/2 an 1/4 races
  23. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    Your statement is actually only partially correct im afraid... yes ideally tuning your car so that you can use the nos early with minimal tire spin is ideal... nonetheless it is not always best to wait to use your nos till said time.. for example my s2000 runs 10.6 1/4 miles on lvl 2... if I wait for minimal tire spin to use my nos I lose. 3-.4 seconds on my time. Where as if I nos right as I shift into third sure my tires spin like crazy but the car still makes far better timing because I increased my acceleration sooner instead of traveling slow for a longer distance to maximize traction. You just have to find the right timing tire spin doesn't always mean slower times.
  24. adidamar

    adidamar New Member

    can someone help me tune my level 2 honda s5000 for 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile? Im trying everything and I cant win against the boss.
  25. Atari84

    Atari84 New Member

    Could you help me out with that tune, I do 9.60x-9.61x, but I can't seem to break the barrier into 9.5s. PM me if you could and I can also show you what I have.


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