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  1. suptt14

    suptt14 New Member

    How are you accumulating so much money? I have the 599 maxed out and tuned so I don't really want to get rid of it, but I am never going to save up enough money to get the Aero or Venom... All I can do is keep running online races right?

  2. mattsahn

    mattsahn New Member

    I just run a metric-ass-ton of driver's battles until I've saved up enough to buy the car and start modding it. I think I've got about 1.6mil saved up right now. Earlier in the game though I was selling my car after having built up a savings and using the combined funds to buy the next level car. I could sell my Aero TT right now and make enough to buy a Venom and mod it to everything at least 2 blocks full. I don't have enough RP right now since I JUST bought the tuning package for the Aero. (1945 RP's)

    Once I have a car modified enough I start running face to face and betting races and that's where your RP's really start to accumulate quickly.
  3. Mohit.g

    Mohit.g New Member

    i just want to know if there are stock cars of level 9 or 10. when i go to the garage and filter to search for level 9 or 10 cars, none of them show up. my car is currently at level 8 (the agera r) and performing well. which car should i get after i'm done maxing this one out?

    Also, what EXACTLY is tuning the car? i mean should i do it before or after maxing this one (i've maxed about 70% of the car i'd say). and if i read somewhere that tuning makes your upgrades go away. is that true?
  4. Mohit.g

    Mohit.g New Member

    yeah, online races are the way to go. it takes a few hours, but it's not too hard. just use the above strategies. i did the same.
  5. suptt14

    suptt14 New Member

  6. cedotex

    cedotex New Member

    Can anyone help me out with the M3 lvl 4 tuning. I currently run 9.66s. They vary I can run 9.65s but its only sometimes. Any tips you all can give to make it run 9.62s-9.64s
  7. BravoGolfTango

    BravoGolfTango Well-Known Member

    The Bugatti Veyron SS is what I'll stick with and max out, about 1/3 way there, saving up for the TUNE, not sure if it tells you how much bhp it gives, have about $100,000 left to save for the $900,000 price tag of a TUNE...freaking stupid programmers, no freaking clue.

    The Venom GT shouldn't even be in this game, John Hennessey is a POS lowlife thief in real-life and belongs in prison with the Enron crooks.

    I like the latest updates, just the procurement cost for parts, tune, etc is really skewed and they dumbed down a decent game with the costs, no where close to anything realistic, but it's a free android game and I kill time with it.

  8. K4_Tx

    K4_Tx New Member

    This is what I have for the shifting of venom gt..hit the gas all the way.shift to 2nd and 3rd right when the chick drops the flag...then in 3rd at 6ooo rpms..hit the nitro..and be quick..shift perfect the rest of the way...I have a good 10.999_10.991..with some crapy race that are my fault...now I'm winning all the time..butt I have a few venoms out there running 10.945...so now I'm tunning..hard as hell..lol...good luck..
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  9. BravoGolfTango

    BravoGolfTango Well-Known Member

    Yeah that's pretty much what everyone has been doing for awhile now, keep in mind though the stickier the tires you go with that doesn't quite work on every vehicle due to gearing, bhp, etc, so the TUNE feature while expensive will come in handy down the road.
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  10. Evildawn

    Evildawn Well-Known Member

    Well I've had my fun with this game but I can only shift the exact same way so many times and winning everytime gets boring so im going to ask this time before I waste the time on the post... does anyone want to know the proper tuning to make the 599 ferrari run constant 12.420's on lvl 7
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  11. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    Yes. :)

    edit: if you want, PM it to me so it'll prevent too many people adapting to it.
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  12. Wackawaom

    Wackawaom New Member

    Hey, I'm new here (this being my first post), so sorry if I've done something wrong.

    Anyways, I've been following up on this thread since it started now, and thought I might as well try and contribute too.

    Start out with the Golf VI GTI - it's all about saving up cash in the start. Don't tune this car too much, just keep racing until you can afford the Lotus Elise 111s. This is definitively my favorite car, it's so simple and always works.

    You'll need to invest just below 100 000 total in it, but it's worth every coin. Everything should be level 5 tuned, except for engine and exhaust. That's the fastest I can make the car go without it reaching level four, where it's under powered. Buy tuning for all cars, configuring will push it to the max, giving you some extra split seconds to win by.

    Tuning should be as follows:

    Nitrous Duration: 4.75s @ 63%
    Final Drive: 3.400
    1st Gear: 2.570
    2nd Gear: 2.100
    3rd Gear: 1.310
    4th Gear: 1.100
    5th Gear: 0.850

    Go for a "perfect" race - start with a perfect launch, shift to first, second and so on perfectly. Slam the n2o as soon as you enter second. This should give you around 16 blank on the 1/2 mile and 10.38 on the 1/4 mile. I recommend using it for the 1/4 mile, unbeatable. I have a faster version, but keeping that private for now, sorry.

    After that, save up enough for the 599 NR, that car's all you ever need. Upgrade fully and use the tunes/techniques already posted, they're actually really great:)

    My cars/investments so far have been: s2000 lvl 2 (50 000)*, Lotus Elise lvl 3 (100 000), BMW m3 E92 lvl 4 (140 000)*, Porsche C GT lvl 5 (315 000)*, 599 NR lvl 7 (1 144 000), Venom GT lvl 8 (2 200 000).
    *These cars are just so that I can compete "professionally" and level up.

    I've also owned the Golf GTI, Skyline, Challenger, Subaru, 911, Gallardo and 16.4 SS....there's a reason I sold them. The Gallardo does good on the 1/4, but I just can't seem to tune it properly.

    We play this game waaaay to much haha...
    let me know if you ever see me online, my name's DragRacer (I know, boring, right?)
  13. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    Is Pro League not working right now or is it just me? I can get into it but I can't race or see any leaderboards.

    edit: btw I'm using 1.0.11

    more edit: Also, changing my name only results in "Error:840" :rolleyes:
  14. Inspire4

    Inspire4 Well-Known Member

    You do know the body of the Venom GT is just a Lotus Exige.
  15. ghostcloak

    ghostcloak Member

    it "starts" off as an exige chasis, but the rear gets extended to make room for the TT-v8, transaxle, and the whole car gets a widebody.

    Still an amazing vehicle.

    And please, keep political/personal beef with vehicle manufactures/tuners out of the thread. It has no relevance to the game and I (amongst others) could care less about your opinions regarding the fact. Thanks.
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  16. Bmr4life

    Bmr4life Member

    Fun game, but it lost some of my respect.

    The online racing isn't real. You're either racing a previously recorded race, or a computer. I'm leaning towards computer.

    If you doubt me, just try this. Next time you're at the line, don't hit the gas pedal. The girl won't drop the flag until you do. Leave it for how ever long you want, 5, 10, 30 minutes. Then come back and race as you normally would. Your opponent will race you like they hadn't just been waiting for 30 minutes.
  17. Bmr4life

    Bmr4life Member

    That's not correct. I spend most of my time in the Driver's race mode where the cars are equal. I max out the 559 at 238 and they still pull away. The cars are supposed to be identical. If I'm gear limited to 238, my opponent should be also.

    Still a very fun game, just needs some work.
  18. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    I've raced you "Error:840"... you remember me? I'm Strangerous, and I am always face to face.
  19. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    No doubt every game isn't raced real time.. it's kind of obvious actually, the races are measured by the thousandths of a second for christ sake. But I see no reason to assume that most matches are against computers... My guess is that the vast majority of the races are against a user's previous race.

    As in: a user runs a race, that race is put into queue, and then you get online and race their recording, which leads to your race being loaded into queue. There may be a computer race every now and then to keep things going smoothly, but I'm sure nearly every race (especially those against an opponent with usernames), are authentic in the sense that the other user did indeed run the race.

    That's my theory anyways :) I am curious to know the truth though.
  20. Strangerous

    Strangerous Member

    BlueRAP, you run a agera R and the black navossa thing?
  21. Bmr4life

    Bmr4life Member

    That's what I meant when I said previously recorded race. I have a very strong suspicion that is a computer though. To many times I have been very close to winning only for my opponent to hit boost just as I was about to pass while in 5th or 6th gear in the 559. These are the races where they get a great launch and I don't.
  22. blueRAP

    blueRAP Member

    Are you sure you are tuning it properly? I also run the 599 and pretty much never lose in either of my level 6 or 7 setups.

    edit: what times are you getting? With my level 6 599 (which I run the most), I run a consistent 13.08x

    @Strangerous, no that's not me, I'm not the only one getting Error:840 when trying to change usernames.
  23. Bmr4life

    Bmr4life Member

    I'm doing nothing but Driver Races so none of that matters.
  24. F4280

    F4280 Active Member

    I hate you lol im the silentone an u always just blow past me in drivers battles at the last second
  25. BravoGolfTango

    BravoGolfTango Well-Known Member

    Will state whatever I please within general forum respect.

    On topic, Creatives latest patch shows promise.

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