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  1. XPRT

    XPRT Member

    There seems to be a email notification lag on my phone. Only with my ATT/Yahoo acct. Gmail sounds off within seconds. My other acct. takes up to 15 mins.
    My phone shows that it rec'vd the email sooner though.
    Any thoughts?

  2. jjhong

    jjhong Member

    Try checking in your ATT/Yahoo "email settings" -> "Email Delivery" and make sure Data Push is enabled. Also make sure you "Fetch Schedule" is what you want.
  3. XPRT

    XPRT Member

    Yep, Push is enabled, and time setting is at 15 mins. The lowest setting on this phone. Which is why I think I have something set wrong.
    When I get the email, the time stamp on it is always within a minute of when the email was sent, but it take up to 15mins for it to show up on phone.
    Almost as if Push isn't working, so it retrieves it every 15 mins?
  4. cheech4

    cheech4 Well-Known Member

    if i am not mistaken isnt google mail the only true push email for android devices? and all others are pull? as in every 15 minutes? unless you have a enterprise email account, and even that im not sure of either.
  5. JPSmith

    JPSmith Member

    Yahoo email is supposed to support IMAP which should be true push; not sure what the proper setup in Yahoo and on the device is for this though.

    The XPRT does true push email and calendar sync with Exchange servers.
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