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  1. lmarsh21

    lmarsh21 Well-Known Member

    Tried searching the threads and coundn't find an answer to this question. Out of all of my contacts, only a handful are updated with their facebook info. When I try to add social network through My Gallery or Social Networking feeds wiget it says you can only have one active Facebook account at a time.

    I tried deleting the FB account through the market and starting fresh but that didn't help either. Also when I go into my accounts and try to open the FB account it FCs. I tried deleting the account and starting fresh again but still no luck. Anyone have any suggestions?

  2. massejl

    massejl New Member

    My phone is doing the same thing. I think for whatever reason the apps can't run together. I also can't download any photos from facebook under the online photo gallery.

    Verizon did a hard reset and they worked briefly but something caused them to disappear again.

    I also have the android digital clock widget that now is invisible.
  3. JulieJHawk

    JulieJHawk Active Member

    There is an app in the Market called SyncMyPix that you can use to manually update your contact photos with Facebook. It is a pain to do it manually but it gets the job done.
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  4. lmarsh21

    lmarsh21 Well-Known Member

    Did exactly as you described. It actually sync everything automatically.
  5. BeastMD

    BeastMD Well-Known Member

    This has something to do with the way that Google is pulling the data. Saw something about it on the nexus board.
  6. Eugene

    Eugene Well-Known Member

    I must have something goofy with some of my contacts, this does the same as the native google sync, gets all but mine and my wife's.

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