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  1. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    Since every forum seems to have a thread like this...and I've found some useful things on them elsewhere...might as well add one here...here are some of my early favs as an Android Noob:

    Free Apps

    EasyTether (Lite...full version is $9.95)
    Google Navigation
    Google Voice Actions
    Easy Filter
    Color Flashlight
    Quick Settings
    App 2 SD Free (by Sam Lu)
    VM Minutes Checker

    Dropbox (allows easy moving/sharing of files to/from PC's)

    BBC News
    NY Times
    NPR News

    Real Player Beta

    Olive Office Editor
    AAA Roadside


    Toggle AirplaneMode On Boot

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  2. markmandue

    markmandue New Member

    "auto mount your sd card" app works great if you are a mac user. just turn on the app and plug in your phone to your mac, the phone then shows up as a removeable drive on your desktop.
  3. adam97202

    adam97202 Well-Known Member

    Handcent for text messaging - COMPLETELY customizable

    K-9 Mail - many more options than the built-in Email program, including "Empty Trash" and delete from POP server

    Note Everything - memo pad, can't believe something like this isn't included

    Simple Sound Profile Widget - does just what it says
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  4. atraum

    atraum Well-Known Member

    Not in any particular order (all freebies):

    1) Handcent - Simply the best SMS for customization
    2) App2SD by Sam Lu - Sure, 2.2 has the ability built in but not as intuitive as this. Also notifies you on install if the app can be moved.
    3) Folder Organizer Lite - Why scroll through an endless app dump when you can categorize your apps on install and build dynamic folders on your home pages. Why Google didn't include this in the OS is beyond me but they should pay the developer (Fabio Collini) for this and include it in future versions!
    4) ES File Explorer - Yeah, I tried Astro as well but this one works great for me and browsing shared folders on my home network needed no additional plugins and went quite a bit smoother.
    5) handyCalc - Need a calculator? This one does it all!!!!
    6) Pulse - RSS feeder, just testing it out but I believe I like it
    7) QQPlayer - Media player (movies). I tried RockPlayer as well but had better luck with this one.
    8) Winamp or MixZing - Hmmm, not sure yet they both have a place on my Optimus for now.
    9) Aldiko - Sweet eBook reader. If you have several eBooks already in different formats pair it up with the PC soft called Calibre for conversion options out the wazooo.
    10) AppBrain - Almost a given, even with the new Market.

    I could go on and on but would like to see what you have experience with so I can find some more gems.

    FYI - Anyone hear if Android Forums will get an app similar to HowardForums? Sure it's Tapatalk but free, it would be sweet if Android Forums was able to do the same thing!

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  5. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    Try the Suggestion Box & Feedback forum for that one...lots of info there. There is a beta of Phandroid that allows forum access downloadable via the Market. There has also been a lot of Tapatalk discussion, and there's a beta of that as well, it appears.

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  6. atraum

    atraum Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info. I did a search for Android Forums on the Market prior to submitting the comment and then after the fact found it by doing a search for Phandroid. The Tapatalk interface makes the forum experience sooo much better and although the $3 cost is minimal I'm only active in HowardForums and now Phandroid. Who knows, if I start branching off into other forums Tapatalk might be the way to go.

    Thanks Again!
  7. Rezin

    Rezin Active Member

    I installed "Fancy Widget" and like that so far for the clock and weather.

    Of course I have "quicksettings" for control over the phones free hotspot feature.

    I also have good ol "Barcode scanner" set up, so I can scan codes as needed.

    For myself, I also use the PayPal, TD Bank, Compass, Google Sky, Pandora and a Police scanner app too.
  8. gvc

    gvc Well-Known Member

    Mutipicture Live Wallpaper:
    yes , live wallpapers seem to drain battery but what good is a smartphone if you cant use it to its full potential? this app allows you to set up a different wallpaper for each homepage and its highly configurable with transitions and auto pic changes, etc.

    what I really like about this app is the ability to explore your home network easily . its great for apps you may download to your home computer and want to install. just go to the folder you downloaded the apk , select it , and it will automatically copy it to the sd card and ask if you want to install it.

    Android Assistant:
    lots of info , task manager, autostart mgr, and more.
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  9. RocketFoot

    RocketFoot Well-Known Member

    I'm just getting started but I am currently using these:

    Quick Settings
    Weather Bug
    Adobe Reader
    AVG Antivirus

    ...and on the hunt for more!
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  10. jayleekay

    jayleekay Member

    OP I notice you put Blacklist in your list. I am having a heck of a time getting a call blocker to work (pick up/hang up). Does it work for you on your OpV?

    *Edit. I have tried to get Blacklist working and it's actually not doing anything. Doesn't even attempt to pick up the call or send it to voicemail. weird
  11. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    I've been running into the same issue, actually...and am switching to find something else. There's another call blocker program that's been having trouble as well...I'm trying out some other programs.
  12. redsand26

    redsand26 New Member

    I'll list some apps I use that aren't already posted,

    Go Launcher
    - First launcher i've tried. Customizable dock, app tray has a task killer in it, more usable screen space with 1x5 rows, lots of other options.
    wp clock - Stylish live wallpaper showing date, time, battery level, includes animations, etc,
    Widgetsoid - Highly customizable widget docks. Includes brightness, wifi hotspot, flashlight, sound, screen lock widgets and many more all in one dock or multiple if needed.
    Smart Shortcuts - Group together apps under one specific icon on the screen. When the icon is pressed, the group of apps will pop up in a box for selection. Great for organizing apps and reducing clutter on the screen.
    Colornote - I use it for to do lists, passwords, account #'s, etc. Set reminders for a specific time or place a note in the notification bar.
    Swarm - Torrent client for android, works great under both wifi and 3g.
    PowerAmp - Best sounding music player, up to par if not better than my ipod. Nice widget as well.
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  13. jayleekay

    jayleekay Member

    let me know if you find anything. I have literally tried at least 6 of the free apps. I've had a few pick up the phone but they don't hang up. None work so far.
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  14. RocketFoot

    RocketFoot Well-Known Member

    Do you happen to have a link for WP CLOCK? I can't seem to find the one you mentioned...:)
  15. Rezin

    Rezin Active Member

  16. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    Another app I've found useful is Silent Boot. It gives you the ability to turn off the "Virgin Mobile!" audio when booting up, as well as an option to clear it when shutting down, without having to turn off your other audio notifications (as in Silent Mode).

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  17. WvGoDFather

    WvGoDFather Member

    Just got my Optimus a week ago.
    These are the apps currently installed on my phone.

    Alarm Droid
    Battery Indicator
    GO Launcher
    Market History Eraser
    US Traffic
    Yellow Pages

    *App is awesome. Especially if you misplace or lose your phone alot.
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  18. lindend

    lindend Member

    Even with the move to SD option, I'm finding the limited internal memory of the Optimus V limits the # of apps I can install as lots of apps still only want to exist in internal memory. Is there any way around this without having to root the phone?
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  19. TVCCS

    TVCCS Well-Known Member

    In short, no. There's only around 150MB of space reserved for apps, and even with rooting, some apps cannot be moved to the card. To me, that's the biggest limitation of these lower end Android phones...the amount of usable memory to install apps.
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  20. Cars066

    Cars066 Member

    Why does my phone seem much slower with more apps on it?

    Not to encourage illegality (it is legal if you own a hard copy of the game, according to some DRM laws) I promote Gameboid and EmulatorROMs - combined for some nostalgia in the form of FF1 and 2 :D

    Also, idk about you guys but the custom launchers like lancherpro seem to lag a tiny bit. not so noticable, but just enough to keep me minimalist - for now.
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  21. aldamon

    aldamon Well-Known Member

    Launcher Pro doesn't lag at all if you disable transitions (Homescreen) and maximize opening speed (Advanced).
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  22. RocketFoot

    RocketFoot Well-Known Member

    I can put up with a little lag if the payoff is something cool like a fancy UI or something! I like that flashy stuff...LOL! I just wish i had more memory for apps also!
  23. Rezin

    Rezin Active Member

    wanted to add "Pulse" to my list of favs. I am a newshound, and this is a great little news/feed app that you can set up to your own taste.
  24. lpnalda

    lpnalda Well-Known Member

    My favorites so far:

    Text enlarger- though it may not work with all apps, has the option to be turned on the incompatible ones.
    Aces Solitaire
    AK notepad
    K-9 mail
    Talking clock
    Google Voice Actions
    Talking caller iD free
    Silicon Oxide- a Korg Kr55 drum machin emulator
    Ideal magnifier- turns phone camera into a magnifying glass.
    Tune in Radio
    News and weather.
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  25. cpht

    cpht Well-Known Member

    All Free
    Advanced Task Killer- I know google says you don't need task killers, but I don't remember leaving 12 apps running all at the same time (elixir widget confirmed the amount of free memory before and after killing all of those running apps)
    Silent Boot - Love it, I hate that VM jingle
    Barcode Scanner - love comparing prices while shopping
    Elixir and Widgetsoid - numerous options for switches and device status, I use both
    ES File Explorer - easier than astro and found my home wifi with ease
    MixZing Basic - FREE music player with graphic equalizer, not too many of them out there
    Handcent SMS- still don't know about this one yet
    Google Shopper
    TiKL- walkie talkie style, use data instead of minutes to talk to other TiKL users
    Weatherbug - they have a weather station at my kids' school
    WF & Clock Widget - flipclock widget with weather
    1080 TheFan - ESPN radio, why would I pay for their app when this is free?
    Launcher Pro and Desktop Visualizer - customization options I really haven't played with yet, but thanks to aldamon I will now
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