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  1. georgee1

    georgee1 New Member

    Hi ics on my atv 1000 also missing,don't think you can add play store.till out of beta.possible to use update people from xda developers for gapps for ics works on my tobshba folio tab with ics 4.01 rom,what do others think.caution may brick atv, needs testing,any ideas on getting market in the beta

  2. faoit

    faoit Active Member

    I'm going to buy this logitech c270 for Skype use only ...
    How it works? Does it work smootly? How is the video quality?
    Thanks ...
  3. vikidroid

    vikidroid Well-Known Member

    as i wrote before-when cammera works in classic camera application (NOT stock application-there is some bug), picture is ok.
    but in skype i didn't make any real video call yet.
    when you test your video trough skype, picture is bad. but, i think that is because it is streched to whole screen. when real call is in progress, i suppose that all should be fine. but that is only my presumption. camera per se, has very good picture, even in lower lighted room.
  4. wasalph

    wasalph Member

    well luck is just not in my way now. just doesnt work, will just have to live with this setup for now. But im beginning to like the 0916, and got Market working! Got questions though...

    (a) I cant seem to find option how to change resolution, under 0804 I can change 480/720/1080 (i use hdmi) from the settings menu.

    (b) still cant figure out how the NETWORK works

    (c) my wifi works for just few seconds, then stops, need turn off and on wifi, connects again for few seconds, then stop again. When it stops, the wifi icon still there, and cant be ping from a PC. Same thing under static and DHCP. Ethernet works ok though.

    (d) I use ES File Manager, when I long click a file, a menu shows up, but the font is too big it while the box is small that only 2-3 lines can be seen. Under 0804 the menu is full screen, is there a switch?
  5. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member


    I have Nero Media Home 4 which is a DLNA server on my PC.

    On my Android devices I have Skifta which is a free download.

    I can stream live HDTV from the HDTV tuner on my PC to my Android device via my router.

    The only restriction is that Skifta must be connected wirelessly to the router.

    It can also play media stored on your PC by I have yet to play recorded TV as the format (TS and TP) is not recognised by any Android media player that I have.
  6. metalizer

    metalizer New Member

    still lost internet connection although i has been doing the steps as above
  7. vikidroid

    vikidroid Well-Known Member

    metalizer, can you wrote little bit understandable. i'm really not sure what your problem is. but i can tell you that gio's guide is 100% working.
  8. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Hi metalizer, as confirmed by vikidroid and other users, this procedure is working 100%...
    probably, there is something wrong in your passages...
    If you have not already seen, I made also a video guide, that could be useful to you:
  9. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, continuing my trials on latest 2.3.4 firmware release (update_20120111), I noticed that
    some apps such as: Tvgo live tv, Yamgo Tv (and others), were missing from Market...
    (while, I could find them with 2.2.5 release).

    Searching... I have found a new fingerprint line, more performing for 2.3.4 release,
    which gives also this missing apps!

    It is taken from 2.3.4 Nexus One... here it is:

    If you want to test other fingerprint lines, here is a link where you can find lots of them
    from any android device:Google Nexus One - OpenGL ES performance and system information

    (go to --> "Browse the GLBenchmark"--> choose your device --> (ok) --> "System Information" -->
    scroll down to --> "android.os.Build.Fingerprint" --> choose your fingerprint line to test)
  10. ziczac

    ziczac Member

    Me too, I also got the same problem.Then I reset factory in setting , and begin doing the steps as guides, everything is OK. Internet works fine and install apps again.
  11. ziczac

    ziczac Member

    I have built the joydev, xpad module for using gamepad on ATV1000.
    I am testing with Gamepad Xbox360 Wireless, it works fine with nesoid, n64oid, FPse ... emulators.
    And work with Riptide GP , Shine Runner, shadowgun...

    I think it will work with generic gamepad , logitech ..v.v
    I will post the guide & modules soon when i have more free time.
  12. niking

    niking Member

  13. vikidroid

    vikidroid Well-Known Member

    gio, hi!

    one question. i wrote a mail to notonlytv crew and they send me a newer 1126 firmware with, as they say, corrected cammera application. i must say that i do not have enough time for install, reinstall to try it, because i solved that problem (for now, at least).

    but, i got an idea. when we download update file (90-200mb, depends of version), it is we need to rename it to xxx.img for update process. and now-i unzipped that archive, before renaming it, and i got this:


    now. would be possible to simply add "" to framework folder and replace original "permissions" folder with your "full_permissions". of course, renamed.

    after that, simply re-zip and rename to .img and do a update?
    will that work as i imagined?

    as far i can see, this is rom from already installed system (we talked few days ago about doing full image, remember), there are already preinstalled apps with according data files, apps to install during updateing etc.

    so, this two changes, tweaks, do not have much influence in process of installing. or i'm wrong? :confused:

    what do you think about this? but, somehow i'm not sure that i'm on good way with this, because you'll already be doing some manual about that. ;-)

    see ya!
  14. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Hi vikidroid, it's not so simple as it can seem...
    In fact, the file (that we rename to update.img, for upgrading) is not a "normal"
    compressed file .zip, that we can open (add or remove a part) and then close, using
    a pc software such as winrar...if we do that, during upgrading, we will have this error:
    signature verification failure.

    We need specific programs that can give this requested signature.
    Months ago, I made a similar question, inside this forum, but I had not any answer
    (probably nobody knew how to do...)

    I would like to customize our firmware, too...
    so, in my limited free time, I will do some research and trials.
    If I have results, I will let you know...:)
  15. gboijhpok

    gboijhpok Well-Known Member

    Geniatech ATV has supported Google play store, here is a package

    Download and don't unzip, change the file name /format to update.img to install like upgrading the firmware(please note you did not hide the filename extension on pc, otherwise, the file will be update.img.img) . After finished, you will see google play store installed.
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  16. vikidroid

    vikidroid Well-Known Member

    im not surprised that i'm far from solution... so, i do not have to ask is it possible to change .img file. as zip in not "normal" zip. do you have any clues how they make souch zip files?
  17. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    When I said, between quotes, that is not a "normal" file .zip, I didn't refer to its format
    (surely, it's a compressed file .zip), but to procedure that we must follow to make it working as upgrading file
    (it's not enough, using winrar, delete or add files inside)...
    I searched on the web and I have found this site (in italian): [GUIDE] Android
    I'm not expert, so I don't know if it will be so easy to apply those procedures.
    I will try to understand something...:)
  18. enviro8

    enviro8 Well-Known Member

    Late last year I was looking to do something similar but I really haven't followed it up since but here are several sites I found that looked promising:

    UpdateZipCreator - android-customization-autotool - A tool to automatically generate an update zip - An all in one Android customization tool that combines existing tools into one application in an easy to use interface - Google Project Hosting - Creating an Android Package

    HOWTO: Unpack, Edit, and Re-Pack Boot Images - Android Wiki
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  19. patanplace

    patanplace Member

    Hi all,

    I'm very happy with my ATV3000 (with TV dongle) after some days of test.
    I've found some interesting things that I want to share...

    First of all, If you find that you ATV starts to slow down... install the app root tools free
    Root Toolbox FREE for Android |

    I think that my ATV is faster with the SD and the SATA disk formatted both in EXT3

    About movie players, I think the most complete and smooth one is the one shipped with the last 2.3 rom.

    I've problems with Google Play, it is possible to install updates, but when you select an app to install, google play crash and closes.

  20. vikidroid

    vikidroid Well-Known Member

    i understand you. zip IS zip, for pc, but for android, there is difference. there is no problem.

    according those links, there is one tool:
    AutoUpdateCreatorV1.1.rar - android-customization-autotool - Auto Update Creator V1.1 - An all in one Android customization tool that combines existing tools into one application in an easy to use interface - Google Project Hosting

    it's very small, and IT SEEMS that it does the work. BUT. there is some questions.
    first, when i decompressed original archive and recompressed it trough program, i got different archive sizes:

    update 20111102 is original, and it's 88.1 mb big. but same folders and files, same folder structure got me almost twice bigger archive. that is first question.

    when i decompress and open both folders and compared them, they are the same:

    i selected to show sizes in bytes, just for comparisson. now, i'm again confused, what happened with those archive files sizes? one logical is usage of different archive programs (winzip, 7zip) and/or different level of compresson.

    if somebody do a little playing with this, please, let take a look to final message in autoupdater:

    only this message is problem-
    everything is OK, BUT, exception in thread....

    i'm not programmer so i'm not sure what does it mean. is that something from update file, or, program iself has some issues with souch structure and/or files...???

    in meantime, i send another mail to customer service of notonlytv, and nobody wants to tell me how to do those files. or they mean that is all so complicated or simply they don't want to do this and they holding us to depend on their updates...

    i'll try with some other updates. maybe this is somehow specific...



    went ok with signing. is same size as basic file, i added those files from gio's tutorials. now, i just need to squeeze my guts and do a flash. but, what can go wrong? and IF something is wrong how to repair?
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  21. gio965

    gio965 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, if you have problems with new market Play Store (crash, when you try to download an app),
    you can solve by removing this file: android.hardware.nfc.xml
    from "permissions" folder in: /system/etc
    Then, you just have to reboot your device...and access to market without anymore issue
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  22. ClausG76

    ClausG76 Member

    I'm considering to replace my ac ryan mediaplayer with the Geniatech a310. But i have some questions.
    - Most of my movies is mkv, but some of them is dvd isos. Will it play the dvd isos?
    - I also use subtitles, does it support srt files?
    - I have a logitech bluetooth media keyboard, a couple of Sony ps3 sixaxis and wii motes. Will theese devices work if i purchase a usb bluetooth adaptor?


    I since found a manual on google. It seems, that the player supports subtitles and iso playback.
    I also notised a post on pages 4, saying that bluetooth dongles works. Then i just need to know if the hidd files for the bluetooth controlling devices, is there.
  23. ClausG76

    ClausG76 Member

    Ok just found out that the atv1000 also has the mali400 gpu. Thought it had a mali 300. Further more, it has a 2.4 ghz radio controled qwerty remote, instead of simpler ir remote. Do you think this would be a better purchase, than the atv310.
    Geniatech Enjoy TV Basic ATV1000 Android Box Black [EA00068] - $152.99 : NIKINGSTORE, Buy Cool Gadgets Online with Better Price and Better Service

    Seems odd, that this player should have a mali300 gpu, while the rest. in the lineup including cheaper models, is having the mali400 gpu.
  24. vikidroid

    vikidroid Well-Known Member

    claus, you need to read few pages on this topic. devices like atv1000, notonlytv LV2GBOX, are same thing but under different name/(re)seller. as you can see, there is no everything perfect, but it can be easely modificated, tweak or two, and that is what you need.
    with installed player, subtitles, srt, must be same name as movie. i didn't find way to select desired subtitle if there is more than one. maybe in some external player.
    question about iso files. i can tell you that 99% i'm sure that it can NOT play them. i don't know is that because of player, android limits, or something else. as i said-download some player app and try. in the moment, i do not have any iso, but if i find some time, i'll try for you.
    bottom line, it is not perfect, but is multifunctional, and if you're ready to do some compromise... ;-)

    i forgot-m2ts plays smoothly!
  25. ClausG76

    ClausG76 Member

    Thanks. I don't own one, but I'm deciding if i want one. The manual says it supports iso. But i really like to know, what gpu thats in tha atv1000. Is it mali 300 or mali 400. I get diffrent specs, when i look around on the specs.

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