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Hands Free/Headphones Stopped Working PLS HELPTips (Browse All)

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  1. firewallxx

    firewallxx New Member This Topic's Starter

    Feb 27, 2010
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    I've had my Magic for about 10 months now and I still love it, But last week it mysteriously stopped detecting the headphone jack adapter. Naturally I tried a bunch of things to fix my problem but none of them work.
    here's some details about what i've done/noticed

    I tried a differant adapter, nothing changed.
    I've cleaned out the mini2 port quite thoroughly
    USB and Charging all works without a problem
    there dont appear to be any broken or damaged contacts
    I flashed it again, (fixed some other bugs from the first time i updated it, and fixed this problem for a few hours)
    Also if i turn it on with the adapter plugged in it will read its there but doesn't know when i take it out.

    anyways its really important to me that i can listen to music off of my phone and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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