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Help restarting phone please!Support

  1. calebd

    calebd New Member

    so my android lg thrive i downloaded metro ui cause i liked the style i tryed to add double tile now it saysorry! the application Metro UI (process chrisman.android.home.metroui.stable) has stopped unexpeadtly, please try again i keep force closing it messed up so i thought i was on sd i formated it and it wasnt :/ its in my phone and i cant get to setting but where part is i can get messaging and reply but they have to send me one first same with call but i cant go to home which means i cant go to menu so im stuck and i tryed rebooted it will all that hold android power button and volume down button it just turns my phone on and i cant get so setting to format phone storage and i need help so please please please someone help me should i take it to at&t to clean up or is there a way to do it myself :rolleyes:


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