how do i hook my samsung galaxy tablet to my computer.?Support

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  1. kaytlyn

    kaytlyn New Member

    I have boughten a Samsung Galaxy Tablet from WirelessWave Canada about a month ago.
    I have the usb cord, and I dont know how to hook my tablet up to my computer to put my music onto my tablet from my computer.
    Please someone help me.

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, kaytlyn. :)

    Assuming you have the 7 inch version of the Galaxy Tab, and a Windows computer, download and install the Galaxy Tab drivers for Windows (Vista? 7? XP?) first.

    Once that is done, make sure USB Debugging is selected in menu > settings > applications > development, then connect the USB cable from the bottom of your Tab (the wide port/connector) to the USB jack on your computer.

    You'll be prompted to select "charge only" or "move files," some such wording.. select the "files" one. ;)
  3. jetfoi

    jetfoi Member

    how about if you are doing this on a mac?
  4. glussier

    glussier Member

    Install Samsung kies for MAC. You can get this software on the Samsung website.
  5. jetfoi

    jetfoi Member

  6. shaf1992

    shaf1992 New Member

    Hello everyone,I have a Samsung galaxy tab gtp1000 and its a Vietnam edition,I have problems with connecting it to the pc in Kies mode,can anybody help me with a solution for it ?

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